• Trying too hard vs. not at all

    Last night was kind of an exercise in futility.
    I tried something different…I was inserted in bed with my laptop and I thought I watch some porn clips to see what that might do. While it was arousing, I felt more stimulation in my penis–like I normally would while watching good porn. The bummer about that is that since I had the Progasm in, that restricted the hardon that kept trying to rise.
    For the better part of an hour I was leaking pretty good, but not hardly a P-wave. I finally decided to stop the porn and go back to my regular routine of music. And something else…
    Since this seemed to be an experiment I tried other stuff. From the start I had the Progasm inserted backwards. Also after I stopped the porn, I had this weird idea of trying to video any orgasm I might have using my laptop. That was not helping the situation since the screen's brightness was very distracting. I got close a couple of times with some P-waves starting up with my eyes closed, but the technical side of my brain was working too hard to get the camera to start recording, etc. Sigh…it wasn't going to happen.
    I converted the attempt to a "T" session that was enjoyable.
    PS: I did try something that was fun…I would push out the Progasm about half way. Then completely relaxing and letting my body pull it back inside me. I did this a few times and the motion of entry was so slow and so subtle that when it finally did stop moving, it would trigger a P-wave. I think that if I wasn't so frustrated with the session, that might have triggered at least a mini/dry-o. YMMV.

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