• Try again: Principles of Nipple Diddling and its Effects on the Aneros and Aless!

    Hi guys,

    I am trying once again to post my thoughts on nipple diddling and its effects on the Anerosing process, the Kegels, and Aless which is ongoing and oh so sweet even now, a good five or six hours since my session with Prograsm Jr.

    Nipple diddling consists of two basic moves: (1) movement of my finger tip back and forth over my nipples, and (2) circular movement of my finger tips around the aureoles and the nipples themselves. Nipple diddling certainly fuels the powerful sweetness of Anerosing, Kegels, and lingering sweetness of my Aless. Also nipple diddling for me is so soft and daft. It just takes practice, which happens nightly in best.

    I offer this one exercise to you, actually exercises which work together and supplement everything I have described here.

    Take care, Thom./BigGlansDC

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