• TRUE Aneros autof**king: Session for March 21, 2012

    Hi guys,
    I believe that I reached a milestone in my Anerosing this morning. I think it has to do with the true nature of Aneros autof**king. I'll tell you more why in a bit.
    Sequence of models used: Helix Classic — Progasm Black Ice — Helix Syn — Maximus — Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic.
    Duration: 3.5+ hours.
    This morning once again I began with the Helix Classic. He gave a direct, prostate massage and an awesome autof**k. Then I switched to Progasm Black Ice with his usual length and girth in motion!
    But it was with Helix Syn this morning, I tried something different. I inserted my original buddy as usual on my side, but then sat at my PC with him inserted. The sensations I experienced while seated were new and unusual, although verging a little on the uncomfortable. Then I placed myself with Helix Syn still inserted in my usual position on my back with my butt on a folded pillow. I wasn't able to do much with Helix Syn in that position though. So I "necked" with him for a while. Very little ensued.
    Then I continued with Maximus again seated at my PC. Again some new and unusual sensations, although more intense. I think it had to do with the P-tab in more direct contact with my perineum than usual. More discomfort was the result of sitting with my Maximus inserted. So I returned to my futon in the same position as before. Initially it seemed that the fire had gone out in my session. But then the erotic fire again began to reignite, this time around, building in intensity in my prostate. I was on to something new and exciting.
    Here is how Aneros autof**king begins with me. With each of my Aneros models, I will use usually three or four extended Kegels, or anal contactions or clutches, lasting about sixty seconds a piece. While I do this, my prostate awakens, gets hard and erect, and begins to quiver and flutter with pleasure. In a way, my prostate is similar to an engine revving up. The pleasure builds as I do this and autof**king begins gently. Then I relax, perhaps at times doze off, and then the autof**king begins BIG TIME in jackrabbit strokes, about two to three a second. The smaller models of Helix Syn and Helix Classic massage my prostate in no-hands autof**k fashion. But Progasm Ice, Progasm Black Ice, and Progasm Classic pummel my ass as the bruisers they are! Wish my sessions were recorded for Xtube for all to see this happen. Gee, I should be in pictures!
    I have never had vaginal intercourse with a lady, nor have I had anal intercourse with a guy. So I am very much out of the loop when it comes to traditional f**king with both females and males. But this morning, I experienced an absolute first with the Maximus. He autof**ked me with strokes lasting a good four, five, or six seconds long, perhaps as long and slow strokes found in actual intercourse! I believe that as I explore Anerosing with Maximus that he may lead me into realms unimaginable when it comes to Aneros possibilities. All this spilled over to both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic afterwards in what their length and girth do to my anal musculature and prostate! Take care!

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