• Tried to recreate the night before.

    I should have known better by now.
    I tried to recreate what I had the other day. Joined w/ helix. While taking my last pee of the night before bed, instead of a pleasurable glow starting I got something very strange. I had what felt like an electrical shock that started in my right testicle and proceeded to go straight up through my belly. It was a shock (sucks, I know). I had some pleasurable sensations but nothing close to the intensity of just 24 hours before. That’s ok I’m moving forward still. Another strange thing that happened, I rolled to my side for some do nothing and fell asleep hard. I have never been dead to the world, just kinda cat napped and always woke up 30-40 minutes later. Not last night, I woke to the alarm at 6:30. I didn’t remember getting up to remove because I didn’t feel anything, but sure enough helix was still joined with me. Got up and turned off the alarm and cleaned up. Got back in bed for a brief time. Was on my left side again when I felt the start of an orgasm. I started slowly and grew slightly before spreading over my entire body before dissipating. Several minutes later it happened again. I just laid there and enjoyed them. I didn’t try to make them come back or intensify them, just let them happen.

    I think I came up with a work around for my lube issue. What I’ve found seems to work for me at this time is .5cc liquid Silicone in first, a light smearing of Vaseline at the bottom that sits at the opening and a dab of water base lube smeared around the head of the tool. Done this 3 times now with no adverse reactions like before with just straight water base. I also found that after the first hour I would start to get some stiffness from the lube starting to dry up causing discomfort, but not since this setup. I had no issues after 6+ hours of joining. Helix was still moving around freely and came out easily.


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      12/14/2018at5:13 pm

      Vaseline on the anus and that part of the Aneros makes a HUGE difference for me. Water based seems to dry out and lose it’s lubricity.


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