• Transitioning to the new Microsoft Edge browser!

    Hi guys,

    This past weekend I finally transitioned to Microsoft Edge as my new preferred browser. Actually the transition occurred on Saturday. It is a state-of-art browser and I am amazed by its capabilities the more I use it.

    Also we are entering perhaps the coldest weeks of 2021 here in Washington DC. It is too cold to have an Aneros session, but maybe tomorrow morning just before sunrise.

    In a few minutes I return to bed. It is quiet here. There is a dog who lives in an apartment across the courtyard from mine who tends at times to yap and howl its head off at times. That happened for several hours this afternoon. Fortunate its owner returned home by sunset.

    Most nights in bed it is a nearly every night ritual with nipple diddling, Kegels, and relaxed breathing to elicit from my body Super-O’s and MMO’s. It can be done having orgasms by demand. Just relax and enjoy your God given body!

    I thank guys like @ggringo, @goldenboy, @turnrow, and now @poseidon who lives several miles away from me, as well men from way earlier years who have inspired me. Take care!


    • Ggringo

      01/25/2021at8:12 am

      Hi @bigglansdc, you have picked my curiosity re Microsoft Edge. I will take a peek at it.
      I also appreciate your support and encouragement throughout my journey. You’re a constant inspiration.
      Take care.

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