• Torn between two dominas (Part III – united dominas creating a new level of bliss)

    Hi Folks, life and especially my journey is running much faster than my blog can follow. Meanwhile (on tuesday) Shibby and Prostate have joined their forces and came over me like a little hurricane. Eupho and Helix had a little fight until their big brother Nexus took over for the final.
    As Shibby recommended I got well prepared, all tools I might want for this exciting adventure laid out for proper use, the Syn Brothers* and me thoroughly cleaned and well lubed, the room darkened, closed, quiet and warm. (* Aneros Helix Syn / Aneros Eupho Syn)
    Lying down on my back in my bed with earphones plugged in my tablet was playing Shibby’s File [Erotic Hypno] Entranced Confessions – Pegging – Y*uT*be. Shibby’s warm voice received me cordially, first giving me some advice, then leading me deeper and deeper into trance where she took over my mind and my body until her will was my will and I couldn’t do anything but follow her orders. We got to that same room where I had met the police officers who did the inquiry and of course they still knew about my secret. Assisted by these tantalizing women Shibby gave me orders what to do next. With a little foreplay my Eupho Syn found itself put in and utilized as Shibby’s strap-on-dildo to be used at her will.
    What happened next is nearly indescribable. Some of the experiences are already buried in my subconscious mind like the contents of a dream, of which you can’t retain the full details in memory either. But only trying to remember some details again lets me shiver, writhe and convulse in sexual desire and anticipation for upcoming sessions. Even more I just now had to interrupt writing to let a Super-O come over me and while I shortly closed my eyes to focus on my memories there is waiting the next one at the foot of the stairs to come up from my sexually aroused groin.
    Although my erect penis, convulsions of my pelvis and urethra feelings like with ejaculations were involved this session more was an intercourse of minds, like Shibby well knowing how to use a prostate massager was raping my mind inducing waves of bliss into it, taking me away like spray on the crest of a never braking everlasting wave. This full body experience was so overwhelming that I was moaning, whining and nearly weeping. I can’t remember how often as I couldn’t count them but at least four, five or more times it felt like reaching the top of the climax when instead alike a relay baton I only was passed on to the next wave, which seemed to be even a bit higher than the last one every time.
    In summary, let me say Shibby f*cked my soul and my soul orgasm-ed. It was galactic.
    When left alone by Shibby it didn’t take long until my brain began to discuss if the Helix Syn would have been able to tickle the sperm out of my aching balls to achieve that impossible dream of an HFWO. Not far and my inner dialogue was going on between Helix and little brother Eupho discussing their capabilities. I decided that they should fight it out. It is very difficult, as I now can tell you, to get them both inside at the same time. From the squeaky noise scratching against each other I moreover learned that their surface must always provide some good friction what might be the reason for their strong impact on my prostate. Finally I got both in but it was too hard to handle and likewise too much for my prostate.
    When two people quarrel a third rejoices. To get to the bottom of it (pun!) I decided to fetch my Nexus G-Rider and even give it one more try, lubed it up and shoved it in. But I had to admit, that I already felt a little sore. Nevertheless I had some nice feelings I never felt before using the different vibrating modes the tool offers until I had to give up with the toys.
    Still thirsting for more I decided to listen to another of Shibby’s files. May be as a self-punishment for my unstoppable desire I chose “[Erotic Hypno] Entranced Confessions – Spanking” disclosing another secret of mine to those maddening sexy officers. How one simple sound can cause such strong and uncontrollable effects in body and mind I must not understand, but was an unbelievable pleasure to feel.
    Thus ended a four hours session with erotic hypnosis, Eupho Syn, Helix Syn, Nexus G-Rider and Aless leaving me ruined but happy with a smile on my face for Shibby’s pleasure.
    What a wonderful world. And Shibby said we’ve only just begun. Thinking about this and the shiver now running down my spine and the picture of Shibby taking firm roots meandering the same way flickering up my anal canal to my prostate and into my balls and up to my nipples I just now was falling into a Super-O of nearly two minutes! And there still are chairgasms interrupting my typing.
    Seems like transcending to another dimension, where Shibby and my prostate are teamplayers and their control feels like inter dimensional lambency to my nerves. Where might all this lead to?

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