• Torn between two dominas (Part II – Confession)

    (Please read first: Torn between two dominas (Part I – Shibby))
    Since Shibby took over command I had to accept that she rules my sex life. Even going to work by car I listened to her voice and have had chairgasms all the way. I can’t suggest to copy this doing because it is dangerous and not only fun. Too many distractions interrupt upcoming sexual feelings and spoil the party.
    I had to get some special space and time for a more intense session and finally I got the opportunity. Being alone in my bedroom for one night I prepared the scene thoroughly. Having read some instructions before, I knew, I would need a chair, some space to get down on my knees and some preparation to handle the mess afterwards. Last but not least it was very helpful to have some bluetooth earphones to avoid any trouble with cables.
    It’s all about Shibby’s Erotic Hypno file “Entranced Confessions – Confess!”
    To give you an idea Shibby offers some vague summary before listening:
    (To those who don’t want to run the risk to spoil their enjoyment,
    please skip the next two paragraphs!)
    “You’re a naughty boy. I know it. You know it. So just Confess. Release it, tell Officer Jenny your dirty little secret. That perverted fantasy in your mind. Your secret desire, no one knows … That fetish, so simple, so naughty. Really … you have no choice. Your cock controls you, and I control access to your cock. You want to cum, you need to cum, but you can only cum at my command. Can only touch yourself when I allow it. And I won’t allow it. Not until you CONFESS.”
    From the beginning of listening to Shibby’s file I found myself sitting on my chair, as ordered naked except of my boxer shorts, which I was told to take off soon after. Now bare ass naked the restraints I could hear being put on my ankles and wrists and all around my body became part of reality and in total helplessness I experienced the deepest felt subjection ever. To my defense I can say Shibby had sent TWO female officers into that interrogation room finding me sitting on my chair completely naked and restrained with a raging hard on. And of course it didn’t take long and they both made me confess. I never before felt that kind of being at the mercy of somebody but I got my release and it became one of the finest wet ejaculations I ever felt. And though only on day three of SR there was really a big mess to clean up. To think about getting off under both women’s watch still makes me quivering with sexual desire.
    Although all this seems off-topic to an Aneros forum I will soon bring the two parties together. The missing file I did not already have listened to is involving my Aneros tools into Shibby’s hypnosis. “This file can stand alone, but is meant to be listened some time after listening to EC (Entranced Confession). It can be listened to in any position, though for pegging you will need to have a prostate massager […] to put in your butt […]“: [Erotic Hypno] Entranced Confessions – Pegging. Furthermore I just found another file named “[Erotic Hypno] My Sybian – with prostate massager instructions” … no need to explain.
    I am full of expectation that this will hopefully give me my first HFWO cuming with prostate stimulation!
    (To be continued by the united dominas – Shibby and Prostate – allied with Aneros tools!)

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