• Torn between two dominas (Part I – Shibby)

    Late this (last sunday) morning at the end of a session that drenched me into sweat my semen retention day counter was reset to zero. It was an Aless session, though. In addition it remained somehow Pless (prostate not taking an active part). I would call it a Mindgasm or a Hypnogasm, but let us start from the beginning.
    Blame it to @goldenboy, sorry, buddy, that is not meant as a complaint, I am rewired to binaurals and especially erotic hypno(sis) since about a week now. Devoured by curiosity about binaurals he, @goldenboy, had written about I have fallen into Shibby’s trap. Shortly having experienced the best sex ever by giving up control and letting my prostate allied by Aneros’ tools Eupho/Helix Syn take over command I unhesitatingly allowed Shibby to give me orders, too. Torn between two dominas.
    “Shibbysays*” and I must obey. (*You can find her files easily on Y*uT*be but don’t dare before you have finished reading this post carefully.)
    Meanwhile I already have listened to all but two of her files and by now I am not only completely hooked on her seductive voice but furthermore I almost entirely have SURRENDERed to her will.
    (Sh*t, sorry, just experienced a chairgasm only by typing this word, becoming aware how deeply Shibby has seeded “SURRENDER” (Uh, 2nd CG) as a trigger word into my subconscious mind. Getting another cup of coffee from the machine in the kitchen I just have probed the effect again.
    Using my inner voice to give myself the sharp command „SURRENDER!” all of a sudden I was struck by some p-waves and even more very heavy involuntaries I was absolutely unable to suppress.)
    In between I had to name Shibby DOMINA and she named me GOOD BOY, SWEET BOY or SLAVE (Uh! 3rd to 5th CG). She already has installed some more triggers to my subconscious mind that cause immediate reactions of my body and feelings.
    Last night I did some edging to porn files on the web and typed some postings in the forum. Totally aroused but too tired for more I went to bed. Lying on the back all those new experiences passed through my mind. Remembering the trigger words one after another the connected feelings waved through my body again, mixed up and then escalated to a churning sea of blustering waves of ecstasy and bliss. Without any voluntary action and without the slightest feeling of a prostate wave or any convulsions I found myself like hovering above my bed as if bathing in a sea of horny happiness, one of my longest and most intense super-Os I could achieve so far.
    Submitting to my increasing craving I even tried to go down to “my secret garden” following the way Shibby led me before. But I stayed in front of the door incapable to offend against Shibby’s rules. At last I gave up and fell asleep.
    This morning I woke up with a boner along with the light urge to urinate and for a bowel movement. Although these circumstances stood against a session before getting out of bed, the yearning was stronger. Knowing my better half downstairs I grabbed my tablet and inserted my earphones. Nearly fidgety I searched for the Shibby’s file “HFO Iteration” to get my release under her control.
    Some strange seconds I was convinced that Shibby would address reproaches to me for my lack of self-control last night. Relative nervously I listened to her warm welcome still waiting for at least getting a good telling of. Instead I soon was caught by the love and caring her voice always was giving off and I can’t get enough of. Like in a cocoon I gently dropped into my hypnosis and surrendered (6th CG) to her will.
    I dropped deeper and deeper, went through new heights of ecstasy and bliss and was closer than ever to my goal of an HFO, when I was told to do some naughty things with some noise involved I was not willing to undergo the risk to have to explain one floor below.
    To avoid to spoil the fun with “HFO Iteration” for you, I will not go further in describing the sessions details, but this much I can reveal, there was waiting a tremendous final for me that I sadly was unable to enjoy to the fullest, but I still got my release.
    (To be continued)

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