• Took a break…came back to be broken…

    So I took a small break. No kegels…no edging…no aneros..no aless. Nothing. From December 29th to January 2nd I did nothing sexual.

    So the morning of January 2nd I decide to get back on my routine. Start my morning kegels on the drive to work. I couldnt finish it. My prostate was soooooo sensitive I was literally quivering with every PC contraction. So I stored that sexual energy and decided to use it for later.

    Later that night as the wife retired to bed I stayed in the front room to watch a little TV. An idea popped in my head…Lets try and finish the kegels for today. I barely lasted 30 PC contractions until I started feeling that amazing wave like feeling. I started to diddle my nipples through my tshirt and a wave of warmth engulfed my body. Then out of nowhere my body and head started to spasms. I gritted my teeth with all the pleasure radiating through me.

    I wiggled my toes…and that seemed to send me to a new level. I felt a certain wetness creep into my dick. I became rock hard and my penis was bouncing in pleasure. The pleasure subsided for a bit. I turned off the TV…now I’m in complete darkness. Went back to diddling my nipples. This time the pleasure came from deeper. I curled up a little bit. The vision of my prostate as a ball was vivid in my mind and it felt like the base of my penis was rubbing directly against it. This made me cover my head with a pillow…which also caused me to lose my breath a bit. The ecstasy while short was earth shattering. The slightest PC contraction was sending pleasure all throughout my body. I felt like I was being broken in two right from the center. I continued diddling my nipples and it was sending a direct spark straight to my prostate. It was exquisite.

    I let this go for 30 mins more and then went to sleep. While I was trying to go to sleep on my stomach it felt like something was trying to slide up my rear end constantly. I shivered a bit. I pulled my dog next to me and that seemed to give me the right amount of distraction to allow me to block out the aless trying to take over.

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