• Today's Experience

    Today we planned to have a session. She had a solo session yesterday that she shared with me last night and teased me with the details.
    Obviously, that was in my thoughts all day. I hadn't cum since Saturday < Which is a record for me ! >.She sucked me and stroked me but would not give me any relief.
    She asked me not to jack off in the morning and save it for this afternoon.
    I edged this morning but didn't cum.Felt great to be so turned on.
    I got a 20 minute head start this afternoon with the Vice. Just good music, relaxation, vibes, no attention to my cock.
    She joined me and stroked him to an erection. then she swallowed my cock me for a good 10 minutes. Total Bliss!
    After some dirty talking and hot conversation and her masturbating for me..I erupted ! Huge Overflow/ Ejaculation !

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