• Time to Travel

    Today I decided to blog my journey to the Super O. I've been using the Progasm Ice at least once a week for about a month. Had a lot of anal twitching and uncontrollable body shakes but no super o. I went on the discussion forum and ask a question about what feelings to expect and got some good responses. The best one was to go read and reread the Wiki page. I've read it twice and will read it again.
    So today I took some steps towards the Super O and used some advice I read on the Wiki page. I showered first. Got the room prepared with the lube by the bed and laid out some towels. I laid down and just relaxed. I was concentrating on the feelings all over my body.
    After about 15 minutes I started to feel the arousal around my perineum and my nipples so I concentrated on that feeling. The anal twitching started up, just not as intense or as often as usual. Maybe because I was concentrating on the arousal.
    A few minutes went by with that same feeling only all of a sudden the sensations got really intense. I tried to just feel the sensation and ride it through. I'm pretty sure I almost reached the Super O. I felt like I needed to ejaculate but that feeling was not in my penis. It was lower inside.
    The intense feeling passed but I laid there and continued the anal twitching. I didn't get that feeling back again. I guess I'll continue on my journey and have fun traveling to the Super O.

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