• Time to move on

    No joy so far in my quest for a HFWO. I reckon I will have to be patient and move on, when the time is right I’m sure it will happen. Almost every session now though has me feeling at some point that an ejaculation is building. This is normally in the first 10 minutes or so when my penis is still enjoying the stimulation, throbbing and dancing to the stimulus from whichever Aneros happens to be probing me at the time. Eventually prostate pleasures begin and the erection is gone but I continue to produce a fair amount of pre cum. In between my sessions I have been continuing to get myself as close to the PONR as I can and this has kept me ever so horny. As a consequence of this I am finding that I can now judge just when to stop so that I can release a small amount of semen without having a full blown orgasm. I am very impressed by my own self control, other times I could not have held back at all so I am learning another new skill. I’m not sure I would describe it as blue balls as @goldenboy so eloquently puts it, but I think I will have to end this current run of SR soon. It must be around 14 days or so and I just feel full.
    One more thing before I sign off. I feel I have improved on my position a little. For some reason the other night I felt that I needed to support my feet on a stout cushion as I lay on my back with bent knees. I now am able to flex at the hips more freely and when the autof**king begins I find myself thrusting into them in time with the contractions.
    Good vibes to all and take care.

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