• Til The SUn Cums Out

    Happy Sunday everyone. Hope everyone is having a blessed and good day. So I decided to ride my Progasm Ice to sleep. I have been having back troubles and thought it would calm me and give me nice p waves that will subtle my back and make me feel all better. So I prepped for my ride and slide him in an went off to la la land.
    As I'm laying on my left side with one leg bent and one extended I begin to feel p waves going up and down my spine which is making me hard but also making my back feel so good. Not to disrupt the feeling I just continue to control my breathing and drift off to sleep. There was many times through out the night that I awoke to hard on's and wetness from the pouring of pre cum and then drifted back to sleep.
    So I begin to feel these waves rolling all around my groin and down my legs. I slightly open my eyes and its the sun. Oh it must be morning already. As soon as I shift my body get hit with a huge bbomb of passion from Mr. ice that is still deep in my ass. Clearly he was just waking up to. Him and my dick. I had one of the hardest hard ons I have ever experienced. I didn't know if it was cause i needed to pee or what but it was up and leaving a major tent in my underwear. So I ripped them off and he stood at attention waiting for instructions.
    Mind you the Progasm Ice is slightly auto fucking me so slow and gentle giving my boy pussy the time of its life. Light moans begin to escape my mouth but I know I have to be quiet with my parents right down the hall. I grab my lube from up under my bed and begin to stroke my ranging hard dick. Each thrust was so loving and so passionate like my hand was a nice wet ass begging for my dick to penetrate it. Then the fantasy was created.
    Two guys ust appeared and one to the place of my progasm ice and my hand became a big hairy ass bouncing on top of me making me approach the best orgasm that I have ever reached. As one of the guys covers my mouth because my moans are getting to loud he thrust hard inside my wet gapping hole. My eyes bulge out my head as i feel my prostate being touched and message by this nice huge dick sliding inside me. Then my eyes focuses on the guy on top of me. His ass is a vessel that i just have to plow. So with one guy in me and the othe ron top i knew i was gonna have a nice ending to this beautiful ride.
    With a few more thrust and moans I came so hard. So hard that my progasm ice shot right out my ass. I couldn't anything but collaps and try to catch my breathe. I love full night rides and ending them with a nice cum explosion. To end my back feels great and i feel energized.

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