• Three year Anniversary

    Here we are at the 3 Year mark anniversary on my personal Journey. I wonder how many people have come and gone over this period time – how many have tried and found success? How many have tried and given up? I don’t fall neatly into categories for Aneros use but I’ve achieved a lot of success and I shall remain committed to the Journey as I continue to hit pleasure pay-dirt. Hopefully, some of you have read some of the earlier portions of the blog to find out just how far I’ve come. It takes months and years for me to get to some of these milestones and I haven’t plateaued out yet!
    Indeed, I have made significant progress since my breakthroughs 16 months ago last April where I experienced a form of Dry-O, or at the very least, began experiencing significant pleasure during the great majority of my sessions. The cresting sort of Dry-O feeling has been elusive in my sessions. What has since emerged in the last 6 months is a form of mild Super-O I have read described here that I can best sum up as achieving a full-body state of weightlessness, the Zero-G effect, or that feeling of floating where I perceive a brain rush and then lose contact with my extremities and sense of touch to be replaced by an overall body tingling. There is not so much pleasure as there is the promise of pleasure – the promise of every pleasure imaginable, but the culmination of this pleasure I have yet to feel. The brain rush is weird, yet real. It’s more akin to the feeling of entering sleep. When in “the groove”, the brain rushes will occur sometimes 4 or 5 times in a row lasting up to a couple of minutes each. A mini altered state of decentralized, relaxed consciousness – somewhat trance like, with a high level of determination. The deeper I can relax or enjoy this state the stronger and longer the brain rush is. Attempts to manipulate or focus on producing pleasure through contractions and such result in my coming out of this state before fully entering it. This breakthrough is a monumental accomplishment. The rewiring necessary for my brain to be able to produce this step has taken years – finally making a connection between the Aneros and the prostate and a real reaction in the brain. This phenomenon is reproducible with the Aneros, with KSMO and within my Anerosless sessions.
    In addition, my involuntaries have evolved. I can now feel the once powerful prostate centered pulse beat has turned into a powerful prostate centered rhythmic contraction. Very similar to ejaculation, yet still without the accompanying pleasure. All in good time, I’m sure.
    My relationship with my significant other has also jumped up significantly in the last year. When I first started on the Journey, in the summer of 2008, my sex life was fine and my relationship with my wife strong enough to share my Journey with her and engage in Aneros talk and Aneros enhanced sex and have fun with this sexual adventure. Well, starting around this time last year my wife’s interest in sex and anal play exploded. We went from have one vibrator, some Peridises, a Progasm and a Helix to having three shoe boxes full of butt plugs and fun factory stuff and enema equipment. When the Vice came out she just about ordered it for me – she loves it! I have caught her gardening with the Vice inserted and buzzing away! We have set records for days in a row, orgasms in a week, month and year (I’ve known her over 25 years now). I’ve learned a lot about myself and my anatomy – I very much like the smaller models. Stuff my wife easily accommodates I cannot for the life of me relax enough to insert. I don’t completely understand it all, but my new favorite/most productive Aneros in the last year has been the least used of my toys for the first two years – the larger of the two Peridise starters. I can enjoy the Vice or the Progasm but they are not my favorites.
    So when you’re having sex 3-6 times a week what’s the point of having Aneros sessions? I mean, isn’t one of the main selling points of Aneros orgasm on demand? No limits, no refraction? How does the Aneros compete with a wife who’s willing to give you orgasm on demand? Not just 5 minute quickies but hours long stroke fests – similar to hours long Aneros sessions? Well let me tell you, Aneros has its place inside and outside this sexual arena for me. Aneros has taught my body to have hours of pleasure with no refraction. Now-a-days, after real sex, my refraction period seems to be less, it’s like my body has built up a resistance to prolactin. In addition, since day-after-sex Aneros sessions are much more common now, Aneros has a way of waking my libido up. Even though I’ve had an orgasm within the last 24 hours, in short order the Aneros has me craving the next orgasm. In addition, all my prostate charging Aneros and KSMO training means that when my wife is doing the foreplay it’s the exact same as super charging the prostate via Aneros – one orgasm alone does not release all the sexual tension that constant prostate charging creates. This has been a good thing and has kept me moving forward on the Path. The end result is that I am having more fun, as many sessions and more sex than at any other time in my life or journey.
    It is my opinion that I have not had a pleasure pounding Super-O or even a series of OMG Dry-O’s. I get great pleasure from my sessions but it falls short of what I can achieve via traditional wife generated orgasms. But since I have never stopped moving passed milestones, I consider my Journey far from over.
    I have to say this: I have read the forums religiously for years now. When fast progressing newbies blaze there week’s long runs across our amazing forum, from their first post of “Nothing happened. Am I doing it right?” to “Is this for real? I can’t stop cumming/shaking/exploding why don’t more people know about this”. I think I can spot the real thing and I thank the folks that do a pretty good job of describing their experiences. I think I can safely say I’m having some sort of full body experience, I can say I have finally gotten a connection between my prostate and the orgasm that happens in my head, I can say that sex has never been better.
    So even if I feel my Aneros experiences are on the low end of the pleasure scale for someone who is having whole body experiences I can still feel comfortable in calling myself a grinder who will keep logging tons of Aneros time searching for ever deeper orgasmic encounters.
    Gives me something to look forward to.
    Good sessions to all.

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      07/16/2011at8:34 pm

      Congratulations J4!!! Keep on keeping on man, and your wonderful open partner in orgasmic joyous adventuring. Please keep us up to date with your astounding journey together, as it carries your individual experiences forward as well. Your story is truly beautiful!!

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