• Three weeks away from Aneros and wanting it so bad!

    Hi guys,
    From July 11 until this evening Saturday August 1, I was forced do without Aneros. I had a financial emergency come up which caused me to suspend my Aneros sessions. Yet, the Aless continued unabated during the interim, and wow, I wanted to have a session real bad. Fortunately the crisis cleared up and later on tonight, I am having a session to celebrate.
    I have washed for my session my usual Aneros buddies. They are in order tonight: Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus.
    This morning I awoke this morning before sunrise with a delicious erection. That in itself is an indication that I am hungry for a session. My glans was engorged and I enjoyed stimulating it. But I could not linger in bed this morning. [In fact, I seldom do]. I had a function to attend this morning.
    Most guys realize that their sexual apparatus is a dynamo of power and pleasure. It is not only their cock that is the wand of this pleasure, but also they know that their testicles, prostate, and subsidiary organs there are involved too. But also, many guys discover that the Aneros unlocks new worlds of experience for them also!

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