• Thought I Was Here Before

    A had a revelation yesterday. What I thought I was experiencing wasn't quite as it seemed. I had had many super O's over the past few months, but now it seems that they weren't originating where I thought. The ones where I used my nipples to orgasm certainly were centered in the prostate, but the ones where I relied solely on the Aneros weren't. I now think that they were anal orgasms rather than solely produced from the prostate. I believe this because I finally reached a level that I thought was already experiencing.
    The anal orgasms never felt quite the same as the nipple induced orgasms. They weren't as intense, but they could last longer and were more steady. A session on Friday gave me a hint as to this other level of sensation from the prostate. I started out with a Peridise then had a decent session switching to the Helix. For some reason I thought I'd try the Progasm afterwards despite it being uncomfortable 3/4 of the time. This time I discovered one way that I could avoid the discomfort. When I made sure my anus was relaxed the Progasm got more comfortable and there was more sensation from the prostate than I usually get from the Helix.
    It didn't really dawn on me the importance of this until the next day. I started the session with the Helix and started to engage my PC muscles more. I thought I had been using the PC muscles in the past but I'm not sure now if I was doing it right. Maybe the rewiring is continuing to go on. It's hard to say. Anyway, I started to notice more tingling in the prostate then more warmth in the area than I ever get from the Helix. I found an optimal level of contraction for the muscles and "went to town".
    It was incredible. It still didn't quite reach the level that the nipple stimulation can give me, but I was quite overwhelmed for the better part of an hour. I had never felt the persistence of the warm feeling in my prostate. I had never felt so much like I was being pressed into my bed by the pleasure when I wasn't using my nipples. My arms were flailing at times; at others I was bracing myself against the mattress or holding a blanket up over my head to try and "get away" from the overwhelming pleasure.
    Finally I had my fill, but I still wanted to cum. Man, was that ever a ride too. There wasn't much time during the buildup that I wasn't feeling a dry orgasm as well. There was a tug of war for a while as I tried to reach one type of orgasm while experiencing another. I was sweating quite a bit from this epic battle; more than usual at least. I was writhing in pleasure every few seconds as I tried to move toward a traditional orgasm. When I finally climaxed it was incredible as well. I finally started to cum and there was a single shot, but then a pause. For what seemed like an eternity I hovered there in bliss as a final buildup occurred and the rest came out. Words don't do it justice.
    I didn't know I had been missing this level of pleasure. Amazing. I must have been relying on anal contractions to reach orgasms rather than fully engaging the Aneros to my prostate. Now I'll have to experiment with these two types of orgasm from the Aneros.

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