• Those Subtle Aneros Feelings and Delights! Sessions for November 23, 24, 26 & 28

    Hi guys,
    Here is the sequence of models used for yesterday morning's session: Progasm Classic-Helix Classic-Progasm Ice-Maximus-Progasm Ice-Helix Syn-Progasm Classic-Helix Classic. Duration: 3.5 hours.
    I began yesterday morning's session at 6:15 a.m. with the Progasm Classic as dawn was beginning to break. Big bruiser Progasm Classic delivered a beautiful autof**k during which I savored exquisite feelings of my anal canal being massaged along with my prostate. In this session, I focused upon Kegels of varying lengths and strengths and was richly rewarded. I was absolutely amazed at how the Helix Classic and I were made for each other. He's truly there for me in the automatic massage action of my prostate. So also with both the Progasm Ice and Classic models. These big, girthy guys were made for serious Kegeling and help me along in working along with also with the Maximus and Helix Syn in new and wondrous ways. Yes, yesterday morning's session was still extremely long, but it did not cause the discomfort of last Saturday's afternoon session of an unprecedented 4.5 hours!
    Because of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I have been wearing my Nutty Buddy Cup combo almost nonstop from yesterday morning to bed last night and then earlier this morning for several errands here in Georgetown. Just love how I can luxuriate in exquisite Kegels while wearing the Nutty Buddy! In a few minutes, I am getting ready for Saturday afternoon's session!
    Saturday afternoon session: M-PI-HC-PC )3 hours(
    Session for Monday morning, November 26: M-PI-PC )2 hours(
    Session for earlier today, Wednesday morning, November 28: PI-PC-HC )2 hours(
    Last Saturday afternoon's session was great. Monday morning's session was good, but this morning's session )Wednesday( was excellent. Yes, I did some sets of Kegels during each of these sessions, but mostly I focused upon getting maximal sensations through light, subtle anal contractions which produced lots of pleasure. This morning's session was relatively brief. I felt well worked over and satisfied. However, after picking up from the session and cleaning up, I suffered a misfortune with my PC which took 90 minutes to resolve and threw my day out of kilter. This annoyance dampened greatly my Aneros afterglow. But early Wednesday evening, my Aneros afterglow returned in full force with my prostate all revved up along with feelings of lots of P-wave and mini-O tsunamis. Such afterglows are to be savored in the same way one would savor a snifter of exquisite brandy! Take care.

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