• Third Attempt – Hands Free Orgasm

    My second attempt was a total a dud. Insertion was easy (again) but then nothing. I realized that all my reading has left me confused. Some say the secret is all about total relaxation, or meditative breathing, or a sense of calmness so you can listen to your body. Other’s stress the importance of arousal. Those two are polar opposites for me. The one thing they do have in common perhaps is focus. I can imagine “focus” coming from a meditative state, and I can imagine “focus” coming from a state of arousal as well. This has become my new target mindset.

    Third attempt was two nights later (last night). I decided that since the do-nothing-stillness was not working for me I should focus on the arousal bit. I put a cock ring on 30 minutes prior and looked at some porn. Once I felt turned on, I inserted the Helix. Immediately I could feel it moving around and so I just went with it. I found if I “tried to relax and let it happen” I started loosing interest. So keeping the idea of focus in mind, I focused on what felt good and what seemed to be working… which in my case was actively squeezing and releasing my ass, keeping the Helix in motion. It was almost as if I were chasing it. And as I increased the movement, it increased my arousal, and as my arousal increased I picked up both the intensity and pace — working harder and harder. This went on for about 30 minutes and then I could feel myself getting close to orgasm. My cock was rock hard, and the cock ring made it even harder. I kept squeezing and releasing my ass and then it happened. I had a normal penile orgasm and I came all over my stomach and chest. It was the first hands-free orgasm of my life. It felt great (as all my orgasms normally do) but I somehow felt that it wasn’t was I was expecting. I didn’t feel any different than I normally would during/after orgasm. And the orgasm lasted about the same amount of time as a normal one would have.

    I am trying to decide if this was success or not!
    I was surprised when I came all over myself, because I kind of expected to have a dry orgasm (or at least a fuller-bodied orgasm).

    It was total success in terms of:
    1. It felt great
    2. It was hands-free and clearly triggered by the prostate
    3. Was a new sexual experience for me

    But, I have to say, it was a lot of work for the same result. It will be interesting to see if I can find a way to have more of a full-body orgasm, or a longer-lasting/more intense orgasm.

    On another note, I have also ordered two more products and am looking forward to trying those to see if there is a difference in how my body responds to the different versions of the Aneros.

    More to come (I hope).


    • Avatar for oldfart


      11/07/2020at3:05 pm

      Hey that is a win column check ,I have never had one with out just touching it ,but not a hands free,outstanding!. you are progressing Buckwheat I have more anal orgasms than I can count , so I am sure you can get therewith what I just read.
      warm regards

    • Avatar for redbeard2000


      09/17/2021at9:51 am

      Don’t judge it, enjoy it!

      I know what you mean though about the hard work that’s involved at times with seemingly little payoff. Instead of chasing after an orgasm, relish the sensations. Also, switch things up now and then (change your position, change the rhythm of your clenches, stroke your chest before moving on to other parts of your body, etc). Or even calm down a bit, get up, have a drink of water and disengage entirely for a spell. Enjoy where it’s taking you, without having a specific destination in mind.

    • Avatar for kl


      11/22/2021at11:41 am

      My advice? No one taught you how to masturbate. You explored your penis and found pleasure. Since then you’ve probably done hundreds of dick techniques. Same here. Ignore everyone. Let it go in. Be patient. Read some porn . Wait. It can take time. Is it possible it might not happen, sure? Don’t go by what other guys say. You believe every dude who tells you his dick is over eight?

    • orionking

      07/31/2022at2:44 am

      Hello buckweath, same here, welcome to the group of handsfree wet orgasms, I was just looking up for some specific advice to prevent ejaculation, I believe that is the whole point, but I am unser whether is a good idea to forcibly stop the ejaculation reflex. I know very well that it can be separated from orgasm (Mantak Chia’s books) but still it comes alltogether. Let me know if you have had more success towards a super-O. Cheers

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