• Think I realize now why it's called "Riding"!

    So last night, I wanted to have an A–Less O session, but things just weren't working. I went through 600 PC contractions #1 1–9, #2 1–9, etc. and started getting a few little pwaves at the end, but nothing that would move into an O.
    Was Frustrated, but figured there'd be other better days so dropped off to sleep.
    Woke up 5 hours later, around 6am, and out of habit grabbed my dick with a couple fingers )I like to drift off to sleep like that occasionally(, but instead felt a pwave )!!(.
    So followed it, and wound up with a 15 min rolling intense penis DO, and I kept my fingers around the base of my now erect dick because I was afraid the O would slip away otherwise, but it didn't.
    Waited a few min afterward to relax, and then another 15 min rolling DO started )!!(. OK, but as I was enjoying this one, I kept feeling pwaves as my dick head brushed the sheets as I was moving around. Hmmm…
    So I moved my fingers to lightly touch the left & right edge of the glans and touched/rubbed the pee–hole occasionally as I had found in previous sessions, and the rolling O kept going… Whew. OK. Kept getting pre–lube drops from my dick and that allowed me to keep rubbing & touching the parts of the glans without chaffing anything. Also, used moving my hips around/rolling 'em to follow the prostate pwave.
    So after that one and another short wait, ended up having still another rolling 15 min DO and then a couple of 10 minute ones after that, whew…
    Somewhere in like the 3rd one, I wondered if I could switch to either nipple instead, and that worked too. And found I could switch back and forth between nipple and glans, and all of 'em seemed to keep the O's going.
    So now, I'm starting to think that any time I go into a DO by any means, I can probably switch to glans stim if I want. It seems to newbie me that when I use glans stim, I can have and maintain reliable deep–thrust orgasms. And I really prefer those over the lighter ones.
    But hey, whatever!!
    So anyway, somewhere in the last 3, I remembered some of the guys saying they could move the orgasm around, and that worked too. Moved it to my anus for a couple min, then back to penis. Then moved it to my breasts )w nipple stim( and kept the O going there for a few minutes. I was so drenched with sweat, that it acted like lube on my chest. Seems like I just had to focus on the feelings from any of those places and the prostate O connection just continued orgasming from that location. )I feel like I know so little about this!!!( But am equally surprised, excited, and pleasured by it all. Started chuckling because I just kept being able to keep going…
    All of these O's were accompanied by deep pelvic in/out thrusting, sweating, open–mouth panting, crunching up, rock hard penis most of the time for the first 3 )then more flaccid during the last couple O's(. During the last couple, I felt my heart pounding and I was quietly moaning a little. Each of the O's felt like something between riding a horse and riding a bull, though a lot more pleasurable!!!
    As before though, whenever I was doing the glans stimulation, I had to keep feeling )lights were out( my scrotum to see if it was turtling up. I'd started rubbing my frenulum or rubbing too hard on the glans a couple of times, and I felt the same groin tightening I would feel if I were jerking off / edging, and my scrotum had started bunching up, so I'd ease up. Didn't want to ejaculate, or worse – cause blue–balls!!! So with a little caution, I was able to keep it all just connected to the prostate, so no ill effects! Hate those blue–balls, huh!
    Also though, by the last O, I found I could almost do anything with my penis head and not cause turtling. But I didn't want to find out what would go too far, so I just kept to what worked so far – light touching/rubbing the edge of the glans and the pee–hole.
    So, About 1:45 later, finally felt done! Knew I could keep it going, but I felt satisfied and was ready to move on.
    Finished off with a 15 min cool–down period just fingering my dick, and having a nice full testical/scrotum massage. It took the full 15 min cool–down for the sweat )and 5 min of that for my heartrate( to dissipate!
    Nice start to the day!

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      10/05/2015at1:01 pm

      Hey Bro
      Great post. I had my first intense dry O this morning stroking only my shaft and using my nipples to prime my prostate. Boy howdy, the orgasm went on and on and on and on. Nothing came out but precum. Your posts come at a good time in my life. Your posts inspired me to my first dry O
      Eternally grateful bro. Keep posting. I want to get where you are. I know that this is just the beginning. I need to concentrate more on just prostate arousal without my nipples I think. But without nipple action, I generally get nothing.

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