• Things are really hotting up. More sensations! Possibly an orgasm?

    I've had a couple of sessions this week and they have been brilliant. A couple followed the same pattern as the last session I blogged about.
    **Pleasure waves that grow in intensity as the session goes on, lots of pre-cum, intermittent and very intense erections.
    This mornings session was very nice. I got up early so I could have a few hours with the helix before university if I felt like it. Turns out I did! Good planning.
    15 minutes after I inserted I started to caress my stomach and work my way up towards my nipples. As I got to the bottom of my pectorals, my nipples started to tingle. I kept my hands away from them as they became erect. The feeling of that was really pleasurable. All I had to do was rub the area around my nipples and it made them feel really nice. It felt better than anything I'd felt in my nipples. The tingling grew in intensity and then faded away to leave an almost orgasmic feeling, actually thinking back it was definitely orgasmic. I also had a very small circle of intense pleasure in my chest.
    As that feeling continued I felt my prostate swell, this was kind of new to me. In previous sessions I've had a small suspicion that this was happening but this time there was no doubt. I could feel the helix rubbing against it without me doing anything. The anal twitching returned and all of a sudden things started to feel incredible.
    I stopped teasing my nipples and brushed two of my fingers over both nipples. WOW. I felt intense pleasure in my nipples that was then mirrored in my prostate. It hit my quite hard at first and sent a ripple of pleasure through my entire body. Stomach, arms, legs, I even felt it in my temples! I was in another world. Sensations like this would have previously snapped me out of my relaxed state, I probably would have tensed up as well.
    But this time I felt myself relax further. I stroked my nipples some more and coaxed this orgasmic pleasure from my prostate, which fed it to the rest of my body.
    I also think I had my first dry-orgasm… my cock felt amazing, it was going between erect and flaccid quite a lot, which I have read about before but not experienced like this. It usually happens a couple of times but not this frequent.
    When this orgasm hit my penis was flaccid, I thought that I had a HFWO, which has previously happened a lot. I felt so good that I didn't even check to see if I had ejaculated. I just carried on.
    There was a very intense orgasmic feeling in every part of my cock, but especially the head. It was so intense. I think there were three contractions, the first one lasted for around 2 seconds and the other for about a second each before it stopped. No traces of ejaculation!
    This was the only 'orgasm' that I had and the session died down after that. I had more pleasure waves but nothing could compare to what I felt there.
    My prostate feels amazing. I'm having so many p-waves from writing this and remembering how I felt.
    Ahhhh, why must I have to go to University? Maybe I should just get back in to bed…

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