• Things are moving fast

    Last night was unbelievable! I felt so stressed that the moment I got the opportunity I meditated and sank into a deep meditative state nothing like I have achieved before. I added some Mula Bandha and felt an immediate intense feeling of being on the edge of orgasm. My wife came to bed and I was feeling electric, and sank very quickly into a lovely Aless orgasm that lasted about 20 minutes, again very controlled and maybe not hitting any major highs but otherwise intense and satisfying.
    I thought I would go to sleep but of course I was feeling alert and euphoric and could not sleep. I allowed myself to have another orgasm, and found that using the P spot really helps in fact it was fascinating feeling everything spasm as I entered orgasm. It didn’t last long it was slightly different to anything I have had before my whole body tensed, stayed tense, and just orgasmed for several minutes. I was so tired I couldn’t concentrate any longer and masturbated and ejaculated for the first time in about a week. I still felt electrified and couldn’t sleep.
    I woke at 4am feeling very turned on after only a few hours sleep. I stayed on the edge of orgasm for ages but it didn’t happen, I was probably too tired, then I fell asleep for an hour. When I got up I was completely euphoric, I couldn’t help smiling and laughing maybe slightly inappropriately but I felt great.
    — Thanks to rumel I now know that what I had yesterday was an amygdala click. Fascinating.

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