• The Urge

    So I am on this journey of no ejaculation or cumming for 21 days. I am on day 9 and I really want to cum. They say your not suppose to touch your self but I have been cheating. Yes teacher he's been grabbed. lol I love to edge. I have actually become a master of the technique and not cumming. I love that I can get my self all the way to the edge of the cliff and then change my mind and not cum. But after 9 damn days I'm ready to explode. I have been edging all 9 days and it has been a task to not cum. I can fill my balls tighten up and the heat climat change in my room as I really get in the groove of things.
    I have so many super o's and full body orgasms as I do this but no white creamy goodness comes down. I love the teasing I do to my self like only satifying and caressing one nipple at a time. Or I just learned this new technique called "wet hands" with actually no touching. You simply just shake your hands over your groin or nipples and just shake them like you just got down washing your hands previous and feel the energy being thrown at you. It feels amazing. One night I was shaking my hands oover my face and its like little balls of energy was falling from my finger tips on to my face and it felt amazing and i had so many full body orgasms that night. But I really want to cum.
    I'm trying to stay calm and cool but the hard on's from when i see a hot guy or just my nasty mind alone can get me started. Also whie on this break my a-ess sessions just start when ever they want too. I mean wheather im eating with family or at the movies they just arrive and i just let them have there way until there done. Its fun and amazing but the urges are coming to quickly and i just want to bust.

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      04/09/2014at12:01 am

      Hi BigOluver,
      I know this current regimen of yours of abstaining from ejaculation for 21 days must be tortuous. But it looks like that you are developing great control, which must be admirable for a guy your age. Keep up the good work :-(

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