• The story so far…

    I should have started a diary earlier…
    I got a Helix on Wednesday August 3rd, tried it out almost immediately, followed the instructions in the box, and was slightly disappointed at nothing much happening. Slightly pleasant buzz, but I reasoned that could have just been due to my physical exertions and deep breathing.
    Luckily I found the forum and wiki here, which gave me hope.
    I was away for the weekend, so on the following Monday I was preparing for another session, and douched, but got it wrong and ended up with cramping sensations in the rectum. I gave it a few days before trying again. Experimenting with lubrication was next. After several tries, I followed the advice on the forums. I used a small syringe to get some glycerine based lube past the sphincter, and then a thin coating of Vaseline on the Helix.
    I tried a few times on Friday 12th: I had it in for an hour or so, felt uncomfortable, took it out, found that the reason I was uncomfortable was because I needed to pass wind, then put it back in. Over the course of the day, with breaks of 3-4 hours, I built up tolerance of the intruder.
    Finally, at the end of the day I tried one last time in bed (with towel underneath). The lubrication meant that this time I could feel it engaging the prostate gently, but nothing much seemed to be happening. I eventually fell asleep with the Helix in.
    Saturday 12th at 6.30am, I woke up naturally (odd as I'm a heavy sleeper and usually need two alarm clocks), stretched a little, and noticed something odd. I feet a hot flush coming over me. Nothing seemed to be moving downstairs and I was doing nothing consciously. Then gradually there was a feeling like an orgasm but very subtle and diffuse. No spasming at all. It gradually wore off.
    So, I tried a few gentle contractions. That feeling came back a little. I relaxed. The flushed feeling buildt again. I spent the next hour or so experimenting with different positions and was able to get that buzz and occasionally a tingling in the spine and hips which was most pleasant. Then I had to get up.
    That night I went to bed at 11pm. I tried the "do nothing" technique. To my surprise, it started to work, and adding a tiny voluntary anal or PC contraction would cause my body to hang on to that contraction and deepen it, giving a very nice feeling, but nothing more than that. I kept it up for a little longer, but after a while my body didn't want to play along any more. Got some sleep but didn't wake up with the rush that I had the previous morning.
    I was trying to get the Helix touching the prostate so that I'd get the "want to pee" feeling, and then gently move it back and forward (we're talking fractions of an inch here) to intensify the feeling. I'd get it, but I'd then lose it again. (As others have said, this is like fishing.) After several hours of that, getting nowhere other than a will-o-the-wisp tingle that would appear, then disappear, I went back to the original technique from the box.
    What I did around 10.55 am (yes, I'd been at it for 12 hours) was approach the "must pee"feeling, and instead of try to rock back and forth round it with the sphincter contractions, I held it. PC muscle tried to release, but I held it. Anal muscle is used to keeping up such contractions, and it didn't flinch. However PC didn't want to hold, and would spontaneously try to release. Each time I brought the pressure back to the same point. It felt good.
    Then something surprising happened. I felt the muscles below my diaphragm clench. "Odd," thought I. "I wasn't doing that." So I continued to keep exactly the same position of both PC and anal muscles. Gradually over the next few seconds, other muscles joined in, more and more, until I had a whole body shake, which resulted after about 3 seconds in the Helix being ejected from my bum. Oops!
    I put it back in and tried again. It took a while, but once I'd got myself such that I was at the "wanna pee"feeling and the PC wasn't allowed to slack off, within a minute the shakes happened again. This time I retained just enough control to keep the Helix from popping out. My whole body was convulsing like in an epileptic fit, and I had no voluntary control over it. It was scary and exciting in equal measures. It lasted about 10 seconds or so. I repeated the experience another two times, each giving a 10-15 second "fit".
    Although pleasant, these were just shakes. There was nothing obviously orgasmic about them, but in hindsight there was an afterglow that stayed with me much of the rest of the day.
    I went on chat and luckily got chatting to an old hand. He convinced me that this all was normal and that I was trying too hard. Relaxation was the key.
    That night, I tried doing absolutely nothing. The Helix didn't seem to be doing anything at all, but after a few minutes there was a faint tickle in the prostate area that built slowly and then faded. Frustrating, but some progress.
    The Sunday night, I tried again with the same technique and instead of fading the tingle built and I got pins-and-needles in my hands and feet. Then the dam broke and I had a release of endorphins. I'm told that this was a Mini-O.
    The Monday night was similar, as were the next nights. There was a growing feeling that there was another stage to come beyond this, but it was just out of reach.
    Then I had to go away for a long weekend to visit my folks. I left the Helix behind.
    I was more than ready to use it again on my return, but unfortunately the session was a total and utter dud. I was back where I had begun.
    This continued for most of that week. I was beginning to think that I'd lost it completely, but on the Friday night, there were the familiar stirrings and I was back on the road.
    That weekend was also spent away from the Helix (it was a public holiday weekend in the UK).
    My next session was OK. I wasn't getting quite the tingle-pins-and-needles-then-release sensations that I was getting when I was getting the Mini-Os. I put that down to my starting to experiment with positions and contractions. This continued through the week.
    I had yet another weekend away. During the weekend I ordered the Maximus for delivery on the Monday.
    Monday's (Sep 5th) post brought the Maximus. It's not that much bigger than the Helix, but the protuberances on it are different and engage the prostate differently.
    Max brought me to Mini-O territory within about ten minutes. Once there I tried a little experimental contractions and got the feeling that anal/PC muscle flutters were just possible, but they weren't sustained.
    Last night, I used the Max again. Worked myself up to the edge of a Dry-O without actually reaching it. For the first time the PC muscle was twitching a little, but not rhythmically. Ended very aroused but feeling unfulfilled.
    Very much looking forward to the next session.

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