• The Start of Something Good

    The older I get the greater the number of sexual experiences I have. In my rewired – hypersexual state it seems that I am hyper aware of the bliss and steamy eroticism of each experience. Each one becomes a unique and sensual memory that I get to savor like a special vintage or a breath taking view.
    This last Friday was another one of those experiences. As I sit here savoring that experience, I am amazed at the breadth and the diversity of erotic activity so far in my life. Even after all the years of walking this sexual discovery path I am on, I continue to appreciate each intimate and erotic interaction to be compelling, arousing and deeply gratifying. My sex life is oddly reassuring. As it arouses my erotic mind there is a sensual rhythm to it that makes my days complete and oh so sensual.
    Friday was a work at home day, there was no rush to get up. At 4AM I awoke at my routine time just before dawn to do a brief but intense MMO session. I slowly sank into that deeply erotic steaming pit of orgasmic delight; igniting the erotic fire of arousal in my anal tract, my balls, cock root, anus and perineum began to pulse in convulsing ecsatsy. The recurring pleasure waves honed my arousal to a keen edge. The shadow of steaming male orgasmic convulsions echoed in my balls, cock and anus all day long as fantasies of my sexy J lingered in my mind. Sometimes it is fantasies of intimate trysts with men that will harden my cock and sometimes it is day dreams of anticipated intimacy with J that makes my penis go rigid with desire. That day it was J who aroused me.
    The thought of sexual and emotional intimacy with my lovely mature and erotic lady sustained my erection all day Friday. It is awful and wonderful being an over sexed guy.
    So Friday night as we settled into bed J and I kissed. Our perfunctory pleasant goodnight kiss turned into much more after she sensed the deep arousal that lingered as we shared breath and desire. With impeccable grace she punctuated the kiss with a series of light pecks on my neck and shoulder to end up at my right nipple. She is acutely aware of my hyper erotic nipples.
    Taking my soft nipple in the tender grip of her lips she drew it into her mouth, pinched it between her lips and flicked it assertively with her tongue. My dark pink pap hardened to the taunting prodding of her tongue. When my nipple was reddened and hard it rigidly protruded begging for more stimulation. She released her pinching clasp and sucked my entire nipple into her mouth, firmly stroking it with her tongue as she kept a gentle tugging suction on it. Jolts of erotic pleasure shot from my nipple to my prostate. The two seem to be direct wired in the last year or so. The erotic shock made my prostate harden and begin to throb. With my nipple and prostate throbbing in arousal my cock was awakened to join in the glowing chorus; it stiffened as I closed my eyes and surrendered to the warm wet entreaties of her mouth and tongue.
    Her hand clasped my almost rigid dick and caressed my cockhead in her soft warm palm; it oozed precum into her hand giving it a slippery silken feel on my corona. The warm softness of her palm on the cleft under my cockhead escorted my shaft to iron like hardness. As she suckled on my pap, her hand was gently massaging my now engorged mushroom; its skin was shiny in its wetted taut arousal and it was purple with lust.
    As I lay there relishing the gift of pleasure she was giving my turgid penis my mind was warmed by the thought that it was J who was doing this to me; because it was her giving lavishing erotic attention on my lustfully aching cock, it made that very pleasure profoundly more sensual and erotic. Then my erotic stupor was suddenly jarred by the sudden sensation of caressing my nipple turning it into a pebble. The satisfying and arousing tingle of her warm mouth on my teat was replaced by the nipple hardening chill of the cool air of the room.
    In the seconds it took me to assess the situation I was suddenly aware that the gentle massage of my cock head was replaced by the sensual and incredibly sexy warmth of her mouth engulfing my cockhead. I shuddered with the sudden onset of intense erogenous pleasure that was permeating my rigid penis. A series of erotic ripples radiated out from my engulfed cock sending a message to my nipples and my prostate of the profound sexual bliss that had trapped my penis and was sucking the pre cum soaked passion from it.
    Once she was satisfied that she had erected my cock to ejaculative readiness, she abandoned it, returning its arousal to her hand. She resumed the heart pounding sucking of my nipple amplifying the erotic intensity of her sucking tugging of it by flicking it the nub with the pointed tip of her tongue. My cockhead was in dazed erotic rigor mortis; her hand was firmly caressing my precum drooling cockhead tugging on it and entreating it to regurgitate its creamy desire.
    The combination of her warm suckling mouth on my erected teat and her insistent tugging on my arousal hardened penis was more than my resolve could endure. As the love of my life passionately worked my orgasmic triggers with the aplomb and skill that comes with forty years of experience I succumbed. With explosive churning convulsions my prostate pumped hard and forced a thick hot rope of cum to be expulsed from my cockhead. The sweet delirium of ejaculation was intense. I felt the agonizing ecstasy pumping the coil of hot cum to the tip of my cock; its expulsion delivered a trembling wave of rapture up my spine to my arousal numbed brain. And then there was another pumping wad of bliss and another, each pulsing convulsion draining my arousal as it dispensed the warm milk of my desire. When my balls were drained, my passion tempered steel cock softened to its demure pre arousal state and I lay there in the divine peace of post orgasmic euphoria. After laying there for a while I cleaned myself up J and I cuddled and fell asleep.
    The unexplainable dimension of MMO in me and others that I have talked to is that an MMO session will be eminently sweeter and more pleasurable if I do it within 8 hours of ejaculating. So it was at 4:30 AM on Tuesday morning that I again woke up with the familiar twitchy tingling in my anus; I was craving a prostate orgasm.
    So as I savored the taunting arousal that was throbbing in my anus I slid over to J to spoon her. I nestled my cock in the welcome warmth of her derriere which in a matter of seconds predictably launched my prostate into exquisite convulsions. Those pre orgasmic spasms rippled down my anal canal to trigger rapture inducing echo spasms in my anus. As I breathed into those spasms boosting them and enhancing them orgasmic euphoria seemed to rush into my anal canal and take control of my body. In a matter of minutes the machinery of MMO in my anal canal, prostate and perineum was engaged in a rhythmic and sensual Rube Goldberg like sequence. Each convulsive pump of my prostate triggered a corresponding throbbing pulsing of my anal tract; in response to the sensual vibrations reverberating deep inside of me my perineum contracted and my penile bulb spasmed in harmony to the pumping of my prostate.
    As I breathed fire into the orgasms, images of sexy alluring women drifted into my mind. Thoughts of engaging with them in intimately tender acts inflamed my arousal and pushed my orgasmic spasms even higher. I envisioned that I was kissing the dripping pink pussies and suckling the rigid clitorises of friends and acquaintances in lurid trysts and secretive liaisons. I imagined my fingers stroking G spots bring each one an excruciating sweet orgasm. The images of women twisting and mewling in orgasmic rapture pushed my own MMO orgasm to the point that I was almost unable to contain it. The symphony of ecstasy inside of me was tugging on all my sweet spots and making my erect cock gently drool pre cum with each throbbing pumping convulsion of my prostate.
    The dozen orgasmic spasms turned to three dozen and more; soon I couldn’t count them anymore. An orgasmic chain reaction was underway inside of me. Wave after wave of rapturous ecstasy squeezed me and milked the clear sweet passion from me, depositing it is a slimy stream in J’s ass crack. I became a great sexual engine whose pistons were pumping pure erotic bliss in a heavy pounding beat. As my great sexual engine chugged away inside of me I filled with warm sensual bliss. The peaceful desperation of MMO had control of my body. I was an insignificant witness who got the privilege of hosting and savoring the pure pleasure that resulted from the relentless pumping and pulsing inside me.
    It is hard to predict when and how a session will end. Some are greedy and keep me captive for up to two hours. I am a weak man, I cannot say no to the warm promise of relentless orgasmic pleasure. There are other times when less than an hour is all there is. Tuesday morning was one of those mornings. In 40 minutes the MMO had wrung my pulsing gland and sufficiently impaled me on a spike of divine pleasure. Satisfied that I had no more pleasure left to give she cast me aside and left me. So with my asshole buzzing and my cock hardened and desperate I lay there and feel asleep again. Saturday I was home again, I could sleep in a little. So an hour later I awoke and went downstairs to start the coffee.
    As is usually the case chore day on Saturday was a quiet productive one. I finished my activities around the house and had time left to surf on the net. I have one or two forums in addition to Aneros that I watch; there was no one I knew or cared about on either of them. I then checked a web site I sometimes go to that has a variety of videos on it. For some reason the category of guys getting erotic massages had a very intense appeal to me. So for the next hour until dinner and for two hours after dinner I watched some of the most attractive erect cocks I had ever seen get sensually stroked and milked until they yielded streams of steaming pearlescent cum.
    The sight of dozens of guys getting stroked to ejaculate thick long ropes of cum was incredibly arousing for me. Perhaps the most arousing ones though were the ones showing guys tied up while women stroked them to orgasm spilling their creamy loads as the women watched in delight. Those videos reminded me of the way J watches me shoot my loads when she is giving me oral or tugging me.
    The premises of some of the clips were absurd but the impact of forced orgasm was doing a good job of arousing me. The idea of forced orgasm on a man or woman has always been one of the most arousing things I witness in porn. So at the end of the evening I prepared for bed and took my shower. Standing in the shower the sense of heightened sexual desire permeated my semi erect cock. Soaping it and rinsing it brought it to full hardness and sent warm erotic vibrations up my anal canal.
    Getting into bed next to my warm sexy wife I noticed she was wearing a short dorm shirt that left her luscious derriere exposed. There was little doubt in my mind that in a little while I would be inside her pumping in desperate thrusts seeking to spew my semen deep in her pussy.
    )to be continued(

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