• The shell rub

    Definitely some of my best session stretches have come after the Full Moon romps I’ve been able to orchestrate with Mrs. J4. She really charges me up for the next week and this month was no exception.
    To wit I’ve achieved a new sensation (since the “num num’s”) that I’ll call the “popcorn shell”. There comes a point in a session were I start feeling an itch similar to what I would imagine if I had a small piece of pop corn shell stuck on my interior wall just over my prostate. It feels very nice to “rub the shell” with the tip of a toy. On several occasions I have felt a vibration, timed to belly breathing, for which I have coined the mantra:
    “Orgasm is the sensation emanating from the string when I draw the bow across”. I repeat this while I massage the spot.
    The string is some sort of nerve cord feeling thing running from my penis base, through the prostate and up towards the belly button. I’ve got this mental picture that I am running the Helix up and down the Vagus Nerve. I swear some of my best forum stuff just gets buried so here’s the vagus nerve blurb for posterity’s sake:
    “The role of the vagus nerve in orgasms is a new discovery and there's still much that's unknown about it; until recently, researchers didn't know that it passed through the pelvic region at all.”
    [U]http://health.howstuffworks.com/brain-during-orgasm1.htm[/U] A very good read, by the way, if you haven’t already come across it. Maybe the forum research initiative will come back some day so we can really investigate the process of rewiring…
    Any way’s, I’m looking forward to future sessions practicing “drawing the bow across the string”. On good sessions I can really feel these toys massaging the button. My hat’s off to the recent forum topic [U]http://www.aneros.com/forum/stimulating-the-sides-of-the-prostate-t4466.html.[/U] This one got me to revisit the side position and feel for new sensations – like the popcorn shell rub. As my prostate slowly awakens its important to keep retrying old things. Forum lore exists for a reason.

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      08/22/2009at9:53 am

      Fabulous progress, technique and blogging J4!
      It is indeed important to blog your advances in experiences, knowledge and theory. Here threads of meaning accumulate naturally and patterns can be revealed that do get lost in the General Discussion without regular major re-reading reviews.
      Love your "rub the shell" and "bow on string" imagery! It resonates and spreads, back for me to my related but different "polishing the knob" process sensations too. To see you into an integration phase and this section of journey advances is so good. Congratulations! Vibrate to all the rhythms that appear! Resonate like a fine cello or string base.
      Speaking of which, I think your KSMO = GI+Vagus sphincters resonating has real merit and traction for further research;)
      here's to the freshly energized journey

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