• The Sexual Ecstasy of an INFJ

    A number of years ago I took a Myers Briggs personality test. The other day as I was cleaning out old files and papers in my desk, I came across a folder with my resumes, it contained the results of that test. It was a very interesting read; I had not read it in a long time. Beyond the fascinating insights it gave me in its explanation of decisions that I have made in my career after I took it, it was particularly intriguing when I considered it in the context of my sexual journey. I had taken the test in my late 30’s before I began on this path of erotic discovery.
    The first thing I did before I read it and prejudiced myself about its results was get on line and take it again. I scored it after carefully answering all the questions; I was pleasantly reassured that nothing had changed in 30 years, I was still an INFJ.
    The interpretation of each MB type was explained in a set of profiles that accompanied the test on line. For an INFJ like me the summary profile said that I sought meaning in relationships, ideas, and events. Relative to the last several years of my sexual journey I had indeed done that; I had joined some sex forums but left them because they were shallow and a lot of the talk on them was inane. However, every forum that I was on I met people who became close personal friends in my real life off the forum establishing meaningful relationships with them.
    The profile further said that INFJs are often mistaken for extroverts, as they tend to possess multiple personalities due to their complex inner life; however, they are true introverts. Again that is me in the multi gender erotic attraction that I feel.. The profile continued: INFJs ar very independent, INFJs are intensely interested in the well-being of others. Again, yes that describes me.
    The profile continued with the following descriptions: vivid inner life that they may be reluctant to share with those around them; perceptive of the emotions of others; tend to be sensitive, quiet leaders with a great depth of personality; intricately, deeply woven, mysterious, highly complex; orderly view toward the world, but are internally arranged in a complex way that only they can understand and finally it said in communicating, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities.
    The profile described me perfectly as a complex person who has his own rules, who cares about others and forms close bonds and is creative. But one of the comments it made that resonated with me deeply was that INFJs live a richly complicated life in their minds where beauty and elegance are part of that construct. That was the coup de grace.
    In this journey I am on I very clearly have traveled a thousand miles in my mind; the skill I have gained at mind body interaction has yielded complex pleasure beyond anything I could have ever imagined. In my intimate interaction with women my experience of all forms of sex seems to occur in slow motion and every action reveals sensual nuance and sexual beauty to me. The shape of breasts, the wetness of an aroused pussy, the rich lush pinkness of pussy lips and the taste and scent of an open pussy mouth dripping with feminine passion are things I experience visually and temporally.
    But perhaps the most profound opportunities for pleasure as an INFJ for me have been in MMO. I am able to wrap myself in quiet inner solitude and focus my thoughts, my breathing and the subtle muscular tension inside me into an orchestral performance of erotic sensation, and euphoric rapture.
    That following night after I found the MB test results I awoke in the middle of the night with my anus tingling in a shrill chorus in harmony with an aching melody teasing my cockhead. It was my normal launch time.
    J was on her back next to me with her short nightgown on and nothing underneath. I love the spring and those short nightgowns. I shimmied up next to her and bent my leg placing my inner thigh on top of her thigh as I slid my hand under her nightgown to caress her warm soft breast. The sensation of my hand on her tit made her nipple wrinkle and harden; she sighed in her half sleep half awake state as she put her hand on top of mine.
    The sensation of her breast in my hand and the soft smoothness of her thigh on my cock cleft detonated the contractions of my anus and sent ripples of pleasure deep into my anal tract. In minutes everything from my anus to my prostate was pulsing and spasming in rhythmically ecstatic contractions. Slowly and deliberately they pulsed and resonated bliss as they contracted. However as euphoric as they felt, I realized that they lacked the deep – deep rapture that usually follows a hard contraction and radiates from my prostate throughout my body when the orgasms are deep and intense.
    I transitioned from one erotic fantasy in my mind to a reality based fantasy involving J and myself and a male friend. The eroticism of this lurid fantasy drew me further into its lewd and steamy imagery. I breathed into the emboldened spasms as they accelerated their pace and strengthened their grip on my prostate, squeezing it with a vengeance. . I thought about the lessons that I learned several years ago, that pleasure denied is pleasure intensified. So as the chiming echoes of orgasmic bliss tried to expand and exercise their euphoric power I stifled them. Instead I breathed deeply and quickly and fed the pleasure that was gripping my anus, taunting it like a caged animal.
    Soon the exercise became one of balancing a long pole in my hand and keeping it upright; that pole was the chain of spasms that was growing stronger by the minute in my anal tract and eventually sparkling and tingling in my penile bulb and the root of my cock making them twitch in spasms of hard pleasure. My entire pelvis was engaged in a syncopated dance of agonizing euphoria. But I continued to stifle the elegant chiming vibrations of orgasmic euphoria that resulted from the spasms. Those chiming sensations were like great bells whose chimes would transport me to a peacefully desperate state of mind where I could experience the twisting agonizing ecstasy of full body orgasm.
    I slid away from J because I knew that my body would be shuddering and twitching from waves of orgasmic detonations in my anus in a very short time. I had an image of a bottle of soda being shaken, the bubbles of erotic tension floating in frothy foam on the surface applying their utmost will to escape the bottled up pressure inside me.
    I lay on my stomach with my cockhead gently pressing on the mattress as it lurched and jerked underneath me. My entire anal tract was engaged in wavelike spasms that were rolling from my anus to my prostate, back and forth like a game of pong on a computer screen. I willed the pleasure to contain itself until suddenly it was more than I could restrain.
    Breathing a deep lungful of air I released the pleasure inside me. It was like letting a hundred helium filled balloons drift into the air. Exquisite chills of ecstasy rolled through my body with no rest between them. One blissful contraction and its resonant chime of pleasure rung out resonantly inside of me making me shake. Each ecstatic rippling echo linked to the next in a relentless chain of rich and lush euphoric sensation; the pleasure was pervasive. My nipples tingled, my perineum was spasming and throbbing in bliss and my cock was pulsing and vibrating as it drooled a stream of clear precum.
    I rode the wave of sexual rapture for a full 20 minutes; there was no let up. Involuntary contractions fed the bliss and the bliss in turn kept the involuntary contractions coming. I quivered and trembled pushing my face into the pillow to stifle any noise I made and I prayed that J was sleeping soundly on the other side of the bed. Certainly if she saw me and she didn’t know better she would have sworn I was having an epileptic seizure.
    In 20 minutes it was over. The after spasms came in ten to fifteen minute long waves for the next hour and a half. All in all it was two hours of absolutely sexual pleasure. I looked at the clock in amazement. It had seemed to be only minutes but two hours had passed in real time.
    During that time I traveled through wondrously complex erotic landscapes in my mind. The pleasure I felt had real form and texture. I could hold each blissful sensation in my hand and I could taste the sweet sensual eroticism of ecstasy on my tongue.
    Later that morning when I got out of bed to start the day, I thought that I was so lucky to be an INFJ; in particular that I was an INFJ who had discovered this wonderful inner world of pleasure inside me.

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