• The Road to Enlightenment Is Not Always Paved, Even, or Straight

    After my excellent Peridise experience at work, I was hoping for some advancement with my Progasm. But I had a pretty uneventful bedtime session (2+ hours) following steps that had been fairly successful previously. The next night, I opted for the Peridise and experienced another unrewarding session. I was going to lay off for awhile, but I couldn't resist trying another work session with the Peridise and had only limited response from my body. Disappointed to say the least! But that night, following my workout, I inserted my Progasm at bedtime, fell off to sleep, and was awakened with an erection and great p-waves. The intensity ebbed and flowed for at least an hour with the best sensations I can recall.
    I took my Peridise on a my weekend trip and inserted it on Saturday night with no meaningful results. Upon arriving home from my trip, I followed the same steps that have been successful with my Progasm two nights prior. Some ok sensations, but nothing memorable in what would have to be classified as another step backward.
    Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day, and clearly neither is my rewiring and enlightenment.

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