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    Well, well, well. Here I am at the two year mark of my Aneros journey – still blogging and still grinding.
    This last April I managed to jump up a plateau to a place where I could achieve what in my opinion was the ability to have mini O’s. This was a sort of cresting orgasmic feeling that I’d never had before. I have been able to maintain a high level of prostate buzz since that time and whatever sessions I have are always entertaining.
    After my mini breakthrough in April, however, I started pushing for about 3 or 4 sessions a week. I think this was too much and I felt the feelings start to fade. In June I decided to up my KSMO and cut back my Aneros sessions to once every week or so to see if that could help push my Aneros sessions towards new developments.
    What I get now are pretty good feelings all the time. Whenever I lay down I can get a session going by a little focused breathing. Most of the time, I can get a little twitch or create a little buzz and let the pleasure worms burrow around my pelvis. There are times when I think something special will happen but then my pelvis will settle down.
    Regardless, this whole thing about rerouting your pleasure circuitry from your frenulum/penis through your prostate is a wicked weird trick for a hard wired guy like me. I have sworn off Aneros bad habits and shun the road of the Hands Free Wet Orgasm. And it’s funny because the Eupho no longer does it for me – It’s all about the Helix and Peredise ever since April.
    Like from every other point in this process the journey continues. From here the possibilities are still very open. Techniques (muscle movement combinations, stomach muscle tension, breathing patterns) and results are constantly changing in how I am learning to control, relax or nurture sensations. And because so much of my practice hinges on non Aneros techniques, I’m not saddled with hours and hours of non productive session time. Being able to visualize your way to session results (without prep, lube, towels and requiring 90 minutes of alone time) is like having a good evening meal – I can do that every day.
    One can feel a lot of differences – For instance, in sessions the day after I ejaculate the prostate feels all mushy and pliable – very pleasurable in its own way. A week later the prostate turns into a hard little nut that is hungry to be rubbed. And I still enjoy reading the forum on a weekly basis – It is fun to read dtmsmith’s blog account of how he has transversed the same path that has taken me years to get to, and passed me, in a matter of weeks – yet still slow enough to be able to enjoy the steps. Cave’s account of the quick and dirty path to the super o was so succinct – yet not everyone can walk those same steps and get the same results. It does help one go back and try some exercises. I did, and with my new found plateau, it has been a help on my Aneroseless sessions.
    The sum of my existence here is encapsulated in my blog. I promised myself I would keep blogging until I reached success, gave up from boredom/frustration or was forced to the sidelines. I’ve had nothing but good feelings followed by long plateaus were the fun never ends but doesn’t get better. But since the plateaus haven’t stopped, I’m sure I’ve got the capacity to keep moving.
    A year ago I wondered how many of us had gone a year without having any of the O’s (mini, dry or super) and wanted to continue. In the last year I have been able to achieve O’s of some sort and have bashed through the important milestone of “An attack of serious pleasure”. I maintain that last week I had one of my best sessions ever and that I had a day after echo effect of magnanimous proportions that almost had me over some magic edge (except that I was in the shower when my groin started convulsing from mid section spreading down to my knees). I see no reason to stop, no reason at all.
    As always,

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      07/20/2010at1:36 pm

      Hello J4,
      So glad to hear of your continuing progress! 😀
      If it makes you feel any better, your technically ahead of me. I'm at just past 3.5 years in my journey. And just experienced my first mini-O about two months back. It's amazing how these little tastes of the ultimate pleasure really give you motivation to keep practicing regularly eh?
      “I have sworn off Aneros bad habits and shun the road of the Hands Free Wet Orgasm.”
      I'm also very glad to hear about this. This issue was very difficult one for me to get past. So I understand what that means to do that. I easily go from one to three weeks now between ejaculatory orgasms. That's one thing about being single, is it is easy to do that when you don't have a partner that wants sex.
      We'll get to super-Oing eventually. What a journey in the mean time!

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