• The Prograsm ICE : an exercise tool!

    Hi guys,

    I want to thank my buddy in Canada, @Ggringo for putting an idea in my head to use Progasm ICE after a hiatus of non-use of several years. Hence I began using Progasm ICE once again about two months ago. Progasm ICE with its sleekness is ideal for users who are beginners as well for veterans.

    As many of know, I enjoy diddling my nipples most nights in bed. I do not diddle whole nights long. Just little stretches at night are enough. It is like the old Brill Cream TV advertisement: “A little dab will do ya!” Hence, nipple diddling is excellent foreplay for me when I have an Aneros session right after showering and shaving.

    A guy who uses the Aneros discovers fairly early in his Aneros journey that his anal musculature has been trained to propel the massage action of the Aneros he uses. However, my nipple diddling in a session revves up slightly the massage action.

    Kegel Exercises both during sessions and outside sessions are useful. They exercise and tone a guy’s anal musculature and provide focus when the Aneros massages his prostate. The prostate is toned as well which provides pleasure for a guy.

    I noticed this afternoon a question about developing nipple sensitivity. Let nipple sensitivity develop naturally. Do not force. It will happen naturally soon enough. For me, it was the discovery I made of the intimate connection between nipple diddling and my genitals, particularly my sweet spot at the base of my ball sack and my cock root.

    Nights in bed are excellent opportunities for discovering the pleasure of your nipples and their effect on your prostate. Take care!


    • Ggringo

      06/14/2020at8:10 am

      Hey @bigglansdc , you’re right, the results using of my Progasm Ice are undeniably great! I don’t know if it’s the state of my rewiring I’m currently at but both my PI and my Classic Maximus seem to hit the spot a little more than my other valued massagers. Last weekend, my two sessions were dedicated to my PI and it did not disappoint.

      On Friday nigh I used my Classic Helix Syn (with broken arm) and last night, it was my Maximus at work and with great results as well.
      My next session will probably be Wed or Thur.
      Good vibes to you.

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