• The Progasm Ice

    What follows is a summary of the session that followed the one in my previous blog, they could not have been more different. Apologies if it comes across as being too descriptive, I was just trying to capture the vigorous and sensuous experience. I actually left some bits out!
    Bedtime couldn’t come quick enough. I had prepared everything in advance so that no time would be wasted with the preliminaries. There only remained the decision of which implement to use. The very second my gaze fell upon the PI I knew. Yep, that’s the fellow. Did I begin the session straight away? Erm, not really. Earlier in the evening after reading through a lengthy post I came across a link kindly posted by SOwithoutAneros, it was a short trailer featuring Serena of Hegre Art and her demonstration of orgasms. It had been a while since I had watched it so I searched out the full video and tormented myself some more as I watched her wondrous descriptions and demos of the various ways she likes to orgasm. By the end of the clip I was aroused way beyond imagination. So, after applying a generous amount of lube the PI was put to work. Within a few moments I began to feel what I can only describe as an overwhelming sense of energy building throughout my entire pelvic area. My heart began to beat faster, I found myself breathing deeply and blowing my cheeks out to exhale. I realised this was not going to be anything at all like the calm and relaxing ride I had experienced a few days earlier. My butt hole was clenched tightly around the PI. I tried to relax it a little but, each and every time I did so it was pulled back in, at the same time stroking my prostate causing my rigid member to strain and raise itself from the very root. I wriggled and stifled a moan, rolling gently from one side to the other. Beyond that I was lost in the moment, finding myself responding to the urge to move from one position to another. Throughout the entire session I was well aware of my strong erection and all the while I was producing a considerable amount of pre cum leaving long glistening strands everywhere. At one point as I was on all fours I sat back resting my buttocks on my heels, inadvertently causing my butt cheeks to part slightly, at that, the autofxxk response took over and the PI seemed to be alive. Those incredible moments were most erotic, I had to look twice to make sure no one had snook into the room behind me. It felt like I was being de-flowered and ravished by the invisible man. I’m not really sure how long the session lasted, maybe an hour, but it felt a lot longer. I had no big O’s I’m not even sure I had any small o’s but it was a magnificent wild ride, and an experience that I would certainly like to repeat.


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      10/26/2018at12:52 pm

      Oh yeah! 🙂

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