• The Power of Breathing

    Although launching a massager less mmo session became easier and easier for me over the years, there were times when I couldn’t launch. The conditions for me to launch were not always easily understood or managed in the earlier years of MMO for me. Sometimes I would launch immediately and sail into the deep swells of orgasmic oblivion, while other times I was stuck in the mud, wondering why I couldn’t get off the shore. This was exactly what happened a particular morning a couple of years ago. I was working at home so sleeping in was anticipated and permissible. It had been at least 24 hours since I had cum pretty hard. I was tuned up after having read some fascinating erotic fiction before bed the night before. So I thought I was ready to launch.
    At 4:30 AM when I awoke with a modstly hard erection and motivation, so I thought. J was sound asleep with her night gown shucked up exposing her pussy and derriere. I deftly slid over to her, spooned her and slid my semi hard cock into her soft warm crease of her ass cheeks. It felt exquisite and sexy. I waited …and nothing happened. I began to encourage some flutters by doing a few light contractions. I started getting a few anal contractions which began to sustain themselves, but I didn’t feel the frenzied knot of sexual pleasure tightening in my anus that initiates a deep session starting. The luxurious sensual tension of pending orgasm was missing; instead there was a slightly pleasant repetitive flexing of my anus.
    I knew better than to push it so I rolled onto my back, took a deep breath and zoned out. I was asleep in minutes. Strange dreams followed as they usually do when I go back to sleep early in the morning. These were soft core porno type dreams, exquisitely sensual but not explicit. When I awoke at 6:15 the sun was streaming in the room and I was rock hard and feeling the need to launch, this time it was serious. J was still sleeping soundly and breathing deeply.
    My cock was much harder and longer than it was earlier. The tantalizing throbbing of my swollen prostate was making my anus tingle and twitch. Again I slid over to the warm caress of her cheeks and sidled up against her, lodging my cockhead in the warmth of her caress, near the intense heat of her anal opening. Her velvet soft warmth found the slit in my cockhead. In seconds the exquisite ripples of pleasure ignited on my cockhead and crept into my slit leaving a tingling trail behind it as it slowly crept into me. I felt the pleasure crackling inside of me like sparks as it entered my balls and filled them up. My balls were overcome immediately, they dropped in surrender to the glowing tingle that was flooding into them. They were getting heavy with lust.
    The arousal had taken full possession of my cock and balls and continued to creep into me ever so slowly. I lay still and allowed the internal invasion to proceed. I felt the exquisite shuddering pleasure burrowing deep inside me now, wrapping itself around my swollen hard gland and tightening its grip. In silence, my prostate shuddered from the ecstasy.
    Then the familiar unbidden regular pulsing of my prostate started. Each pulse made a ripple of divine pleasure radiate out from my cockhead I envisioned a smooth pond that a sexy presence was throwing pebbles into the pond with rhythmic regularity. Each pulsing spasm from my anus sent a ripple of pleasure up my spine, with the beat of a sexual metronome that was counting off the seemingly relentless beats of agonizing pleasure.
    When I am at this crucial thresh hold of pleasure breathing is really important. Too often when the pleasure gets as intense as it was, I tended to hold my breath as I felt the pleasure wave filling my anal tract. The pleasure was sending chills up my back and making my asshole convulse and tingle and threatening my breathing.
    So I focused on my breathing, taking deep slow and steady breaths. As it always does the pleasure waves and the pulsing synced to my inhales and exhales. With my spasms following in the shadow of my breathing, I decided to quicken the pace of the pleasure. As I did the pulsing followed like a puppy. The spasms speeded up as if my breathing was stoking a red hot sexual boiler. I cleared my head of all distraction and began to stoke the furnace with deep full breaths. The flames inside me roared in acknowledgement. I wallowed in the radiant heat of the pleasure that was roaring inside my body.
    As the pace of the pleasure spasms increased, so do their intensity. I thought about a friction motor toy car that I used to get to scream by running it repeatedly on the floor faster and faster. My prostate was screaming as the speed of my breathing was making the pleasure grip it hard.
    My breathing seemed to be cradling the sensation and amplifying it. I was nonplused at how strong the spasms were getting. Just as I began to tremble from the unfathomable sexual delight that had taken purchase in my anus; my prostate yielded itself. It gave itself over to the white hot sensation that now possessed me and my prostate began to pump hard. It was the unmistakable sensation of the pumping of cum; but there was no cum just intense erotic pleasure.
    My legs stiffened as the sensation of ecstasy continued to expand and forced my prostate to speed up its pumping. My anus was convulsing in sympathy. My entire anal tract felt like it was being filled to overflowing. The white hot poker was deep inside of me; it was impaling me with blistering orgasms and I was helpless. I lay there opening my thighs and trying to gulp as much pleasure in my anus as I could. The pumping was speeding up and I pushed it yet farther and harder with rapid breaths. The orgasms were all jamming together inside of me in a train wreck like pile or divine bliss. As they banged together in frenzy my head was filled with sensual euphoria.
    The orgasms cascaded into a jumbled pile, but before they could release me, I began to breathe quickly and deeply again. Before the agony in my anus could dissipate the sweet pleasure began to build again. I pushed it with quickened breaths again as my anal tract began to pump and my anus began to convulse like an overheated steam engine.
    My mind once again filled with a euphoric haze that robbed me of reality. As I breathed and teased my nipple the pumping grip followed my lead and kept pace. It was like my nipple and prostate and anus were wired together in a closed circuit independent of my body and the furnaces of hell were open letting lurid erotic sensation flood into my open asshole.
    Over and over again the pleasure waves flooded into my rectum and peaked and started to fall but before they did I sensed the promise of exquisite sensation and coaxed them to squeeze me yet again and again.
    I moved away from J as it was getting harder and harder to lay still. Pressing my cockhead against the mattress I teased my left nipple which caused the anguished sweet convulsions of pumping to turn into shuddering explosions inside me … hard orgasmic explosions that sent waves of sweet agony across my body. They echoed in the recesses of my brain, hardened my nipples and made the base of my cock lurch and jerk as each one ignited.
    It was getting harder and harder to focus on breathing but I did and still the pumping pleasure intensified. My toes lost sensation and the tingling on the back of my neck and around the opening of my anus scared me. My anus was popping open and closed rhythmically like a fish’s mouth in an aquarium.
    Chills crept across my body and I felt the sweat rolling off my forehead. I couldn’t take much more. So with the aftershock of orgasm still exploding inside of me I tried to abandon the pleasure; however the orgasm was not about to give me up without a fight. So as I lay there passively trying to calm myself I felt the spasms continue to try to sustain themselves. However it was futile, they grew milder and milder as each one tried to tease the next to blossom.
    I slowed my breathing and like pouring water on a campfire the orgasms seemed to sizzle to a quiet conclusion. My ears were buzzing and my anus was tingling and my cock was still as hard as stone. But I was exhausted.
    Lying on my back uncovered to the cool breeze, I breathed deeply and quietly. I had been at it for 90 minutes. Ninety minutes of indescribable ecstasy. I lay there and surrendered yet again, this time to sleep. Sleep did indeed claim me yet again. It was a blissful sleep. As I breathed deeply and slowly I drifted off.

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