• The power found in ordinary (BIKE) jockstraps for sexual arousal (my experience)

    Hi guys,

    From day one when I had to wear an athletic supporter for 7th grade PE, jockstraps and (later athletic cups) have been central in my life as a male. Our coach we had to get one. It was an integral part of our gym uniform. So after that day, the first day of school, early in September 1963. I went to our town drugstore to purchase one. The pharmacist who waited on me sized me as a boy who was entering puberty and got me a boys sized Johnson & Johnson Athletic Supporter. It came in a smallish box when an naked athlete on the box in nothing but a jockstrap. I popped a boner which oozed precum in my white chinos. I was super turned on and rushed home to try it on in my bedroom. My erection was super hard and precum was oozing big time from the meatus of my Glans. When I slipped on my new jockstrap for the first time, the feeling was electric. I feel in love with the elastic support of the jock mesh pouch, waistband and leg straps. There was no choice but wear my erect penis in the up position, actually 12 o’clock position. It was the comfortable position to wear my pulsating cock with my oozing Glans scrunched against the waistband.

    I just loved how my new jockstrap for gym class hold my circumcised cock and my scrotum. Actually it seemed that my new jock was actually massaging my balls, cock shaft, and especially my mushroom Glans. Hence I was hooked. My strong jockstrap fetish that day followed several years later as a sophomore when I got my first athletic cup.

    Also that day began my enjoyment of wearing a jock especially for sports. However slipping that first jock was really a sexual awakening. So every day afterwards first touch my cock like never before and also my Glans. For some weeks or a couple months afterwards I would touch my cock and also knead my Glans. Thereafter I instinctively settled upon the masturbatory grip. Six months later in April 1964, it was on a Saturday when something amazing happened. I was masturbating and it just got better and better and better. My adolescent body was becoming suffused with sexual pleasure. It seemed that I was ascending a mount of sexual pleasure. It just felt better and better and better! Suddenly a wave of pleasure swept over and I experienced my very first orgasm and ejaculation of semen! It is felt good and right. So I got hooked on playing with myself and jacking off!

    However my parents found out about all this. My dad was shocked. My mother want to hit me. My doctor, a recently retired u.s navy doctor, was uptight on many things, especially sex. I continued with my sexual practice of playing with myself and jacking off nevertheless. I could not deny what jockstraps did for me in terms of sexual knowledge. That very first jockstrap got me in touch with my genitals and my whole body in a big way.

    This all happened more than fifty years ago. Just six years the Aneros entered my life. First it was the Helix Syn, then Maximus, later on Progasm both classic and ICE, shortly thereafter MGX and Helix Classic, but also in a great way, Tempo. These buddies opened up my body in a big way, first with P-waves, mini O’s, and finally Super-O’s and MMO’s which happened now both in just about every session but also in Aless through touching myself and even by thinking about it. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

    Jockstraps are about supporting the genitals of athletes, their cocks and balls, in place, so that they do not flop about. A good jockstrap protects the athlete from fatigue because it provided necessary lift to a vulnerable area of the bodies of men and boys.

    Athletic cups are about protection for the gonads of athletes, i.e. their best assets or crown jewels, their baby makers. The rule book of Major League Baseball stipulates that cups are mandatory for baseball catchers and pitchers and other positions of the game. Seeing catchers and pitchers and other players with huge cup bulges is a major turn on for me. It also shows me that they are being sensible and wise in having an athletic cup protect their manhood.

    The earliest protective cup of record was worn by a catcher in 1905. It was a well-designed cup but made of steel. The first cups made of plastic came out in the 1940’s, perhaps earlier. They were traditional triangular, flat cups that were uncomfortable to wear. The first contoured, banana cups came out in the 1960. They marked an advance for a better fit, containing everything from the base of the scrotum all the way beyond a guy’s cock Glans.

    Mark Littell, a retired MLB player and a now a coach invented a Nutty Buddy Cup which came out in 2007 and is now undergoing some major upgrades which should be marketed at the end of this month. Stay tuned!

    I have composed this blog entry buck naked in nothing by a trusty men’s medium BIKE jockstrap. Just writing what I have written just now has been sexually arousing. I touched myself on my BIKE jock mesh pouch moist with precum from my Glans. I have also diddled my nipples and have done a few Kegels. I feel right now that I near the summit that is the PONR, absolute sweetness. Yes, in the rarefied air of Alpine fields so close to the PONR. Let me see! I am in day 21 of my current SR. My balls are boiling with delight. Take care!

    P.S. I am writing this blog entry with @goldenboy and perhaps also @Turnlow in mind.

    Many nights I wear a jock and cup to bed at night. Such a combo is so reassuring and helps me to sleep. Nighttime is perhaps my favorite time for diddling my nipples. Nipple diddling sends zings of sweet sexual energy to my genitals which agrees well with the jock and cup I am wearing. My favorite jocks and cups for night wear are the BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85, the Nutty Buddy Cup, the Champion Cup and Supporter, and the All-Star Shock Jock Cup with Supporter combo (a favorite with baseball and hockey players). I wish I had a great number of Shock Doctor Carbon Flex Cup in men’s XL (which surprising men guys like) in my collection. My mother just couldn’t understand my fascination with jocks and cups. She was afraid that I was a nut! 🙂

    It has been reported that quite a few guys wear a jockstrap or even a cup and jock for street wear. Such items help them do their jobs better, or they just love the feel of such for constant wear for relaxing at home or on the street. I can relate to them and even celebrate their devotion. Gee, I haven’t gone that far with my fetish! 🙁

    P.S. 2. Oh I am savoring wearing my BIKE jockstrap buck naked. It is a shame I have not done more of this.

    Here is a technique I have developed rather recently for causing me to experience Super-O’s and MMO’s seated at my PC. First I breathe calmly. Then I engage with my Kegels all the while diddling my nipples. The rhythm caused by the Kegels and diddling causes me to raise my feet off the floor about three feet. That is when the Kegels and diddling reallly kick in for a period of several minutes. Of course this is magnified if I wear the Tempo or Helix Syn.


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      08/14/2018at9:41 am

      @BigGlansDC A great narrative! Thanks for the shout-out! Thus, the jockstraps and cups protect our male anatomy in sports in the same way that the Aneros massagers keeps our prostates healthy! The “side benefits” of each can be very pleasurable!

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      08/14/2018at12:05 pm

      Wow BigGlans. What a sensual hustory. My parents never said one thing about my masturbating as a boy but I knew they knew I was doing it.

      Thanks for cataloging your life and the jocks and cups you own. I am amazed at how easily you precum especially as a boy but even now.

      One of your gifting seems to be that large mushroom glans of yours. I am sure it got your attention quickly as a boy and gave you much sensual pleasure. Have you ever put a tape to the circumference of that giftt with a good erectiion??? I would think that you are in a slim minority as a man with that type of gift.

      Thanks for your tremendous blog and postings.

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      08/14/2018at1:02 pm

      Wow @BigGlansDC, great blog! I’m amazed at your memory of precise moments and their details. Thanks for giving us a snapshot of your youth and introduction to your sexuality. I wish I could recall such details tied to timeline. I do remember a lot about my younger days in sex discovery but not with specific years and time.
      You have a gift of writing, keep writing!


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