• The Nutty Buddy Cup is Ideal for Diddling and Kegeling (with a shout out to @goldenboy!)

    Hi guys,

    Early this morning after a blissful night of diddling and kegeling in my BIKE CUP. I decided to the same thing with a Nutty Buddy Cup which I have had at least for a decade.

    The Nutty Buddy Cup was developed by retired MLB great and baseball coach, Mark Littell, who was concerned that many baseball players were shunning athletic cups because they were uncomfortable to wear. With the help of two design scientists at Arizona State University, he created an innovative athletic cup that has two chambers for a guy’s testicles and contoured to fit a guy’s genital anatomy from right under his scrotum to just beyond his penis. Littell produced a Youtube video with him wearing this cup and being hit in his cupped area by baseball pitching machine. That was late in August 2006. I was so turned on that I jacked off to his video, and told myself I must buy this cup! 🙂 When it finally was marketed in March 2008, I was one of the first to purchase this amazing athletic cup.

    Over the years, I have had an erotic dalliance with the Nutty Buddy. But it was only early this morning when I discovered for diddling and Kegeling. It is great in bed, but it is even better sitting in a chair, as right now as I am composing this blog entry!

    In closing, I am so grateful that the Aneros entered my life with Aneros Syn in early June 2012. All along my Aneros journey, this journey has been enhanced by jocks and cups in pleasure and bliss. But last night, I rediscovered the Nutty Buddy Cup in a most wonderful way. Here is a special shout out to my jock/cup buddy, @goldenboy, that he and other guys will try this cup for protection and blissful pleasure!

    Aftermath Monday morning May 27 and beyond: I certainly love to diddle my nipples while a jock and cup in bed at night. However, the Nutty Buddy Cup was so pleasurable that I had to have a session with Classic Helix Syn and Progasm ICE. Classic Helix Syn, the Aneros model, that began my Aneros journey on June 3, 2012, I have gotten a new appreciation since late March a couple months ago. That model as well as Progasm ICE I can use in the standing position. Both models in that position autofuck me silly 🙂 They left me with an Aless with my prostate buzzing or even humming, really sublime and hot!!!

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