• The Nipple Diddling Kegeling Connection

    Hi guys,

    [I posted this entry on Aneros Forum a few days ago. Since it has not has any responses, it may be slightly off topic. So I post it here as a blog entry]

    With cold weather far back in the distance and summer weather now upon us in DC, I find myself sleep many nights mostly buck naked on top my bed wearing many nights a jock and cup. A jock and cup, at least for me, holds my junk comfortably in the still of the night. During the colder months however (September to April or May), I’ll sleep underneath my blankets and wearing sweats to keep myself warm. Sleeping buck naked and wearing a jock and cup gives me the freedom as an aging naked man. It makes me feel young again!

    I have been an avid nipple diddler certainly after I had my major Aneros breakthroughs in mid September 2016 with attainment of Super-O and MMO capability. What impresses me most about my Aneros journey is now being able to just relax and just the Super-O’s and MMO’s come to me.

    However in early January 2016, I suffered a freak accident requiring hip surgery and nearly two months rehab at a facility. A few weeks there, one night I was gratified that my sexual function was unimpaired. I could masturbate again. However, I had to be careful because of the night nurses. Somehow stimulating my nipples underneath covers, I could do that easily. Also the term, “nipple diddling”, came from my subconscious, or I must have heard it somewhere. While diddling myself there, I developed fantasies about men in my life who had a good influence upon my life years ago, like in my puberty and adolescence. Actually these fantasies aided me in my swift recovery from my injury at the facility and my first couple months back at my apartment. They are as powerful, fresh, and vibrant even now. They make my diddling sessions a delight most nights in bed even now!

    When I diddle at night, sweet energy zings to my genitals, my rectal canal, and prostate. But for a long time and certainly now, there is a vital connection between diddling my nipples and the Kegel Exercises which now I do in the daytime but especially at night. Somehow in this connection, the Tug-of-War Technique comes to mind. Diddling, Kegeling, and Tug- of-War Technique often at night is the perfect recipe for Super-O’s and MMO’s. The energy coming out of all this is so sweet and powerful. All this makes me happy to be man even in my old age.

    When I discovered diddling for sure in the rehab facility, I discovered that soft, daft strokes of diddling produced the most pleasure for me. I use either the back and forth diddling strokes across my nipples, or a circular strokes on my aureolas which circle my nipples themselves, or use circular stroking on the nipples themselves. Now that is diddling indeed. No need to use rough strokes. Soft, daft diddling stroking is all you need. As I said, diddling at night in bed is most effective, as least for me.

    The Kegel Exercises become second nature if you have been doing them for a while. They are certainly recommended for learning to use the Aneros, as given in the Learning Center. goldenboy in one of his most recent posts says that wearing a jockstrap or a jock and cup combo enhances greatly the Kegels. My mother many years ago and a few sporting goods clerks (mostly women) said that I was/am a nut for jocks and cups! Diddling my nipples and wearing a jock and cup at night are a source of delight for this old geezer!

    Also long ago in my Aneros journey, that Aneros tools are ideal for the Kegel Exercises, if done in moderation.

    I wonder if other guys on this site have discovered the Nipple Diddling and Kegel Exercise connection.

    Additional discovery: I enjoy reading @goldenboy’s copious and incisive blog entries very much. He talks about the PONR (Point-of-No-Return) and the Mount of Sexual Arousal. Very often at night as I diddle myself, I find myself this Mount of Sexual Arousal and arriving at the summit where PONR is located. To me, the PONR is a temple. Often I enjoy basking in the dalliance of the PONR and often I come with powerful, sexual sweetness from this dalliance.

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