• The New ME

    I have been in the chat very frequent lately and it's because Im so rewired. I'm so rewired that I stay with long throbbing hard ons. Now I'm not complaining at all it's just so new to me. I have a 8 in thick hard on now from the waves running through my body and I have not rode or cum in 6 days. This new found sex phoenix that has emerged inside of me is out and ready to fly and fuck any thing that will let me. (only humans)
    It's like one minute I'm a pussy boy with tits and a cunt who just wants to be pounded then I'm a muscled man tied now being teased for hours with no release. I just love it all. But I put up a con's & pro's entry a while back. The hard ons and freaky fantasies can be a bit much at times. I just need to learn how to control them all. But I love it. Just yesterday I had hard ons all day. with freak fantasies of a strong man fucking my tight wet pussy. I was even moaning and panting begging for something to plug my hole.
    I love Aneros it is the best thing ever.

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      12/21/2013at6:24 pm

      My helix syn found my non-existent pussy and freaked me out. But it felt sooooo good, and I was loved!

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