• The Mystery of my Sexuality: Part 1

    Linghaman A Sensual Man
    Throughout this blog I make reference to my transformation and rewiring as a result of gaining the skill and focus to experience multiple prostate orgasms. This biological – psychological ability has had a very profound impact on me. Indeed the transformation has been both physical and mental. I am not sure nor was I ever sure what being bi-sexual means. I can’t really say that I am bisexual. I am definitely sensually sexual though.
    This realignment of my sexuality is a direct result of rewiring. Several years ago I became anally orgasmic; my prostate became sensitized, enervated, and programmed to respond to mental stimuli and to direct physical stimuli to deliver intense anal orgasms. I have learned to control and savor anal pleasure. At the same time my mental state has been altered relative to my sexuality. An image or conversation of male or female arousal stimulates my cock to harden causing blissful sensation to tingle on my cock head. With additional mental stimulation and manipulation of my pelvic muscles I can trigger pulsing spasms to pump deep inside my anus causing echoes of profound orgasmic rapture. The result is that when I am in the “groove” to launch into MMO, a carefully choreographed sequence of experiences begins which involves cascading intensely erotic mental imagery, deeply sensual sensation culminating in waves of euphoric orgasmic spasms.
    The realignment of my sexual desire can be compared to a weather report on TV. Large warm masses descend on me and make me daydream about cocks and intimate relations with men. Then that front passes and a steamy feminine front washes over me and turns my desire to women and the act of vulgar tender intimacy with women. The ebb and flow of what appeals to me swings like the tides under the influence of the moon.
    Prostate pleasure has facilitated this sensual transformation. Like many guys who have developed the skill to have prostate orgasms, my hormonal system is idling a little above normal. As a result my arousal is never in neutral and my perceptions of sensuality and sexual attraction are very attuned. When I feel my arousal waning, I will engage in an MMO session to ramp myself up again not only to submit myself to mind numbing pleasure but also to sustain a sense of heightened arousal. I must admit though that this has not been an issue as I have been doing a session almost every night for a couple of years.
    A hot session brings me to a place of erotic euphoria that I experience as orgasm grips my anal canal and cock and balls and squeezes intense pleasure from them. A session will give an air of desperation to my mental state and harden my cock to wrought iron. It will cause sexual hormones to flood my blood stream and sensitize my skin, my anus, my prostate and my nipples. But it also leaves a latent level of erotic hormones that are always in my bloodstream.
    As a result I am a more sensual man. What does it mean to be a sensual man? For me, my sensuality expresses itself in many ways. At times I will just be overwhelmed with erotic sensation for no reason. With no warning a sensation of sexual desire will wash over me, take control of my thoughts and make my cock lengthen, harden and weep a hot stream of its desire. Usually it does not involve conscious thought of any type. Other times it might be a particularly inspiring image of a sparsely dressed young woman on the street of the college town I live in, or a story that makes the warm chill of arousal run down my spine to seek my asshole and tease it, making it tingle and twitch in anticipation. I could be inspired by an image of a handsome guy with his own cock rigidly jutting from his body displaying the desperation of his own desire.
    This morning it was J that ignited me. We had a casual appointment with friends this morning and we both had to get dressed in business casual clothes. She decided to wear capri pants and a silky tee shirt. The pants were very clingy and they fit her amazingly, outlining her really sexy derriere, the same one that draws me into MMOs when my erect cock is nestled in it. For 60 she still has the same sexy girlish body she had when we met. The only difference is that after three babies her breasts are larger, fuller and more sensually pendulous than they were many years ago. Her nipples have blossomed to light pink soft caps on her sensual tits.
    Unlike some older women her tits do not droop they have retained the elegant swell of female sexy elegance. Friends I have will sometimes refer to her as a sophisticatedly voluptuous woman when we talk of our families and our loves; their admiration of her femininity hardens me. Although I wince at the thought of another man in her arms drilling her pussy with a penis tempered by her sexiness the fantasy stirs my arousal. I like it that other men lust for her.
    The combination of the silky tee shirt draping over her ripe tits and the fact that she had a new bra that accentuated her already sexy breasts coupled with the clingy pants gave her a slinky sexuality that teased my cock and inspired it to drool its passion for her. Her pants looked like a second skin, outlining her round and muscular bum and the curve of her crease as it descended to that sweet opening that I have kissed and licked many times as she squirmed and puckered it..
    As I prepared to leave the house with her the sight of her rear and the crease that cleaved it made me think of being in bed with her earlier. Unfortunately I have been too sleepy the last few days to MMO in that sexy warm softness.
    Sensual vibes can come from any woman for me though, not just J. A woman who I may not know might speak to me in a soft pleasant voice about something that has absolutely nothing to do with sex. I am keyed into women’s latent sexuality even when it is not being expressed. The warmth and feminine lilt in a woman’s voice or her expression of caring or concern will often stiffen my cock and raise in me an overwhelming need to caress her and love her. Sometimes I will fall into day dreams of semi nude cuddling and nurturing love with whomever it is; sometimes times I might drift into a fantasy of intense sexual closeness, of my cock delving being deep into her cunt as it she arches her back to grind her pelvis against me in sexual frenzy while I kiss her passionately.
    It can even extend to a particularly sexy guy. While I am definite not bi, I can see masculine beauty just as clearly as I see feminine beauty. Images of firm erect penises arched in arousal and dripping in their desire come to mind when I see a good looking guy.
    Many times a view of an attractive woman will inspire scenes of erotic feminine beauty to flood my mind and grip my cock. A particularly sexy woman might flood my body with a visceral love for all women. It can be a feeling of overpowering love that is so pervasive it will make my flaccid cock drip in my pants.
    But it is also physical as well. This morning after our very stressful and dry business appointment J turned to me in the parking lot and said she needed a hug. Holding her soft but firm body under the thin tee shirt caused a wave of sensual emotion to wash through me. Feeling her skin warming under my hand as I embraced her transported me to someplace quiet and secret, very far away from this public space.
    Her unique sweet lilting scent teasing my brain taunted me as my face was buried in her silky soft hair. The light sexy aroma of what the French call her feminine cassoulet, that scent of a woman that is an erotic mélange of aromas from her skin, her hair, her perfume and her sexy clean pussy. All these scents about her combined in my head to make a passionate brew that inflamed me. I never responded to sexual aromas before I was rewired, but now my nose has become an organ that contributes to my sensual experience of a woman’s love and desire.
    Her warm skin, bared in bed up against my own skin triggers deep feelings of emotional love. The softness of her skin not only under my palms but against my cock ignites my arousal. Lying in bed naked together and hugging her in an embrace intoxicates me; I surrender in urgent – languid desire. Whether my firm cock rests on the soft skin of her tummy or if it is hanging down in semi erection nestled in the kiss of her warm pussy lips, she quickens my heart and catches the breath in my chest. I am keenly aware of the pleasure that she stirs in me and I relish them in the calm recesses of my mind. The sensation of her womanly softness touching the bare skin of my body and her feminine karma relaxes me and excites me at the same time. I cannot resist kissing her and being close to her or inside her. Cuddling and hugging and getting lost in strings of kisses eventually transforms my semi soft penis to an iron spike that craves the sucking wet warmth of her deepest secret place.
    Even when I penetrate her, the sensation of her pussy kissing, caressing and pulling on my cock as I lay still within her has a much more profoundly erotic and sensual feeling and meaning now.. Holding her around with my arms and kissing her warm soft lips as my rigid maleness penetrates the warmth wetness of her pussy; my cock will ache as it bathes in her searing sexual heat. I surrender helplessly letting the deep desire in her cunt suck at my cock as if it were a savory delicacy or a font that dispenses my own sweet sexual wine. My mind slows and savors her exquisite female sexuality.
    The act of fucking her has become a sensual experience of my body and my mind. I fuck her with my cock, with my mind and with my eyes. The intensely erotic expression in her eyes as the sweet agony of orgasm drives her to confused distraction makes me spew my passion into her pussy in my own delirium of orgasmic relief; my sense of her is heightened and my sense of her sexual desire is more intense than it has ever been.
    I am a sensual man indeed. Each day is a new discovery of the wonderful sensual person that I share my life with and the sensuality that surrounds me.

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      04/15/2014at9:51 am

      Funny, even before starting Aneros I was already exactly like that.
      … Only miss the MMO part.

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