• The Mapping of Greater Orgasmic Responses

    [11:04:43] artform: By awakening our prostates, we are awakening the energies that power our regular ejaculatory orgasms, and we learn to separate those dry energetic Responses from the wet orgasms Response. That separation of those two elements of regular sexual orgasms is the great key and great gift from the aneros practice.
    [11:04:48] djblackknight: It's my body telling me it's fun time
    [11:05:11] artform: could be indeed, most likely!!
    [11:05:42] djblackknight: O wow
    [11:05:42] artform: Could you take a bit of time and have a hands-free, no ejac session then?
    [11:06:10] artform: Although that could make the 3:00 am thing a habit tough to break too.
    [11:06:35] djblackknight: Yeah
    [11:08:02] djblackknight: This chat has helped open my eyes a bit and I have gained understanding in this
    [11:08:39] djblackknight: I will take all the understanding I can get
    [11:09:09] artform: The guys talking hallucinations are experiencing some of the possible effects from the higher levels of dry orgasms, and there is no need to fear those, as I will explain now.
    [11:09:29] artform: Evere do Tai Chi or any Kung Fu?
    [11:09:41] djblackknight: No
    [11:10:15] djblackknight: Would that help
    [11:11:20] artform: Those practices are based on the same energies we all have that drive our Orgasmic Response, as separated the Ejac Response.
    [11:12:03] djblackknight: Okay
    [11:15:50] djblackknight: So doing that stuff would help the
    [11:16:11] djblackknight: process along
    [11:17:43] artform: These energies can be seen to work at three levels: Jing )semen originating, life essence, semen retention and "cooking" for energies building(>>> then Chi/Qi )tai chi, martial arts, kung fu, life-force, general health, daily living, buzz( >>>
    [11:19:34] artform: >>>Shen) spiritual orgasms, floating bliss, deep peace, beyond here, universal union, encounter with presence, and beyond(
    [11:20:23] djblackknight: Alright
    [11:21:31] artform: There are other mappings and other traditions explaining these kinds of experiences, this is the 5000 year old Taoist tradition from China. One does not need to get involved in all their history unless you want to as well.
    [11:21:35] djblackknight: So then I guess the hallucinations are a good thing
    [11:22:30] artform: Aneros can open you up to these things directly, butt this does now happen for every Aneros user.
    [11:23:18] djblackknight: Okay
    [11:23:25] artform: Some other terms can be visions, out-of-body travel, and the like.
    [11:23:47] djblackknight: Alright
    [11:23:55] artform: It tends to unfold in a series of events, gently from stage to stage.
    [11:24:33] djblackknight: ok
    [11:24:39] artform: It also does not necessarily unfold in the three levels sequence above.
    [11:24:59] djblackknight: Right
    [11:27:14] artform: One fellow, now a friend of mine here, was observed by a then friend of his having a panic, even terror, because he had a vision of being in the the presence of God, which in the Christian tradition is something that SHOULD NOT happen and you will die. I do not believe that to be the case and was able to chat with him and assure him.
    [11:27:40] djblackknight: O wow
    [11:28:22] djblackknight: I know
    [11:28:37] djblackknight: That is wild
    [11:28:56] artform: So one of his first dry orgasms produced a Level 3 spiritual orgasm for him and he just wasn't prepared for such a thing. If fact it was a very positive experience when folded into his others and he now teaches some Tantric techniques on here
    [11:29:37] artform: Tantra is the east India tradition of these energies, where chi is called prana.
    [11:30:07] djblackknight: wow what a way to start out
    [11:30:54] artform: It for example, enables my wife and I to have 3 to 4 hours of dry orgasmic ecstasies in great chains of orgasms!!!!
    [11:31:09] artform: indeed, what a way to start out!!
    [11:31:56] artform: He is fine and an advance practitioner happy guy!!!
    [11:31:58] djblackknight: I want to learn whatever I can
    [11:32:47] artform: My wife is VERY HAPPY with all I can now add to our sex lives together too
    [11:33:25] djblackknight: I can only imagine
    [11:34:09] artform: Although we both can ejac, we hardly ever to do that, since these chains of dry high level energies orgasms are far and away the BEST!!!!!
    [11:34:43] djblackknight: O yeah
    [11:35:46] artform: I suggest to young men like you that you might benefit by reading Mantak Chia's book The MultiOrgasmic Man. If you are having hetero-partnered sex, also his The MultiOrgasmic Couple.
    [11:37:12] artform: They are great mappings of these energies functioning within us. The exercises are optional as along as your aneros practice and rewiring are progressing well!!

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