• The Joys of this Day

    Nights here in Maine are quickly cooling off; and, the extra quilt on the bed last night provided a welcomed coziness. I awoke very early this morning; and, in the darkness, my hand wandered down to my newly shaven, velvet-soft perineum, scrotum and penis. Before long, one of my fingers pressed firmly into that sweet spot in front of my anus; and, as expected, my prostate soon awakened. I then moved upwards for some nip brushes — followed by some gentle prostate massage just above my newly shaven bush. The p-waves came and went with some rising upward, ever upward into O's. Once well underway, I assumed a semi-fetal position, hugged my shoulders, and drifted in and out of sleep.
    Some time after, my Beloved awoke and got up to start her day. More time had passed than I had expected, however, a good half-hour remained before, I too, needed to get up. After a brief visit to the bathroom, I lubed my anus and eupho and settled in. My eupho was cool as it slid slowly through my anal channel; and, then, as it entered my rectum, it was grabbed firmly into place.
    Wasting no time, my eupho's magic took over — sending repeating pressure radiating warmly up through my scrotum, testicles and penis. These waves soon turned into full-body temors with another wave close behind — pulsating gently into a final clench!
    The intensity of my O's repeatedly squeezed distinct bursts of precum out to the tip of my penis. My thoughts became drenched in the awesome presence of Christ's love for me! Love phrases of hymns ran non-stop through my mind — what an amazing experience to be blessed with at the beginning of a new day!!!
    The clock keep reminding me that this, like every other session, was quickly running out of time. I clenced my hands together as the O's intensified — my out-stretched arms and clenched hands seemed to help channel the energy that was surging throughout my frail frame — to the point I could hear the energy coursing in my almost deaf ear.
    As I slowly slipped my eupho out through my anus, the contractions continued. Setting my eupho aside, I slid my middle finger high into my anus until it touched the engourged bottom portion of my prostate. My finger tip lightly brushed this area — triggering another round of O's AND as each one climaxed, my anal rings clamped tightly around my inserted finger. The force of these contractions allowed me to feel my actual pulse beating —blessed reassurance of my God-given life for another day. Finally and with praise within my heart, I withdrew my finger and arose to go forth for another day. As I touched a droplet of precum to my lips, there was no doubt that I was a man — blessed by the love of God Himself — and, it is to Him I give all honor and glory for the joys of this day!!!
    Psalm 139

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      10/06/2011at8:29 pm

      Blessings, honour and glory indeed starr!!! Hallelujah!!!

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