• The Joy of the Sexless Marriage

    My wife and I have been in a statistically sexless marriage since about a year after we married. In other words, less than 10 times a year. The novelty of say sex on a week, or twice a month wore off. And then from say 8 times per year with the start of year two we have gone down to 2 to 4 times per year during the last 10+ years. At first I was so angry – but know what – I love her and I cannot change her. So, I learned to live with the situation, take responsible control of my own sex life, have fun and enjoy the kiss and snuggle relationship she and I have.

    Key to all this was aneros. In 2002 I experience discomfort then pain from prostate congestion. I went to the doctor – she suggested I have a look at the High Island Health website. HIH was the parent of Aneros – the Aneros brand came a little later with a sexual focus, whereas HIH was focused on health. I bought a device which looks just like the MGX. It brought me pleasure and relief. Thankfully my wife has no problem with me indulging in prostate play on a largely don’t ask don’t tell basis.

    Those 2 to 4 times per year my wife and I do make love now are changed as well. Tired of struggling to climax and wearing her out and causing her pain, I decided to forego my climax. This bothered her at first, until I reassured her that it was more fun for me that way. And it is. I enjoy it, give her how many orgasms she wants, then we call an end to the lovemaking session. I am filled to the brim with bonding hormones. If ever we become statistically sexual again, that is the kind of lovemaking I want. It actually feels better not to ejaculate. I do have a dry orgasm of a sort, but very mild.

    Within a day or two I follow up with a lengthily Classic Helix session – after which I have one or more intense dry orgasms. Sometime after that I am treated to an exquisite wet dream, which in my view is the very best way to release seminal fluid. Although a good milking is fun too.


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      10/20/2018at4:04 pm

      Thanks for sharing! Am in a similar situation with my wife – she has had issues since going through treatment for breast cancer – seems to have changed her hormones and desires. I discovered Aneros a little over two years ago and have enjoyed the journey ever since. Have done solo anal play for many years using different toys for pleasure as well as masturbation but Aneros opened up a whole new adventure especially the Tridents! Have enjoyed many different pleasures in that short time. Never know what to expect but keeps getting better and better, even Aless sessions!

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      10/20/2018at4:15 pm

      Thanks for sharing! Have a similar situation with my wife who has gone through treatment for breast cancer many years back – has affected her ability to produce natural lubrication as well as desire for sex. Stumbled onto Aneros approximately two years ago but have been doing solo anal play most of my life with various toys. Aneros opened up a whole new world of pleasure for me, both prostate and anal stimulation. The pleasure generated through both has been amazing! Never know what to expect from session to session but the journey is awesome so far! My whole body has been awakened to new pleasures!

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      10/26/2018at1:40 pm

      Hey, WetDream63, you’re not alone. Although unmarried and omitting intercourse totally for nearly three decades now, I too still love my girl and enjoy “the kiss and snuggle relationship” we have. The frustration felt in earlier years now has been largely replaced by the bliss my Aneros and Aless sessions are giving me since re-wiring. Good vibes! Mart

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