• The Helix Syn )Re(-Joins My Lineup: Session for November 16, 2012

    Hi guys,
    On Wednesday and Friday this week I had two stupendous Aneros sessions.
    Legend: M = Maximus; PI = Progasm Ice; PC = Progasm Classic; HS = Helix Syn
    As preface to both my sessions, several images of my collection of Aneros models come to mind. All my Aneros models are contained in one fairly small box in my closet which could be compared to a toolbox, or a stable for horses, or a lineup of baseball players on a team. These three images have sexual undertones. Many guys refer to their penis as a sexual tool. A horse stable may contain first rate stallions. I am really turned on by a team of baseball players, most of whom are downright sexy. So also with the Aneros models I have. An Aneros model is a reflection of a guy's penis. It has a stem and a head analogous to a guy's cockshaft and glans. Downright sexy. Well that is what both my anal canal and prostate think!
    On Wednesday (my volunteer day), I only had a two hour session. Sequence of models used in this session: PI-M-PC-M-PI-PC. I have become so comfortable now with the Progasm Ice in that the last couple sessions, he with his sleek design slips in easily to the hilt and opens me up for the session. My three big Aneros buddies work together as a team and compliment each other which is absolutely amazing!
    Yesterday morning, Friday, I had more leisurely, yet intense session which lasted again 3 hours, 45 minutes. Progression of models used yesterday: PI-HS-M-PC-M-PI-M-PC-HS. In both of these sessions, I kegeled a great deal in sets lasting one minute, two minutes, even three minutes at a stretch. But I let each model take over and take me on rides full of pleasure. My three big Aneros buddies welcomed my old buddy, the Helix Syn to the action. Hence Anerosing with the Helix Syn yesterday went to an entirely new level.
    Later on today, I hope to with both the MGX and Helix Classic models for the first time. Take care!

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