• The Heart Chakra opens, and a super-O!

    Woke early and had a good orgasm. I'm sure it was going to be a big one, but my wife suddenly woke up as I was going into it and got out of bed, which slightly threw me and I lost concentration but it was still good.
    I was sitting listening to some music before having a shower, I find Angels and Airwaves )probably not everyone's cup of tea( very uplifting and quite 'spiritual'. I listened to one of my favourite tracks and felt very happy and full of life, but didn't think too much of it. I then went into the shower. Out of the blue I started to feel a great sense of being very loved, but more a sense of loving myself more than anything, and a sense that something almost like God )I am absolutely not religious( had given me something very special. I felt energy pouring out of my chest and above all I felt deeply grateful for everything, then I started crying in a very happy way. The pressure I have felt on my upper chest for days vanished and I was able to breathe properly again. The family were around in the house so I didn't allow myself to sink into it too much but I could have probably sobbed myself silly with the feeling of gratitude.
    Today was the day I was seeing my parents and that normally causes me a lot of stress, I haven't been able to speak to then normally since I was young. It was different I could see them just as people and talked to them normally for the first time in years. I didn't know what to expect. It can't be co-incidence that this happened just hours before I saw them.
    It has only just dawned on me that I have opened my Heart Chakra. This is without doubt what has happened, I can almost feel the energy flowing from my heart, and I can breathe freely through it at last. It is a serious change. My eldest daughter came up to me and gave me a spontaneous cuddle for the first time in years and it felt good. I'm almost in tears writing this I can't believe I have been so weighed down with emotional tightness for so long. I just hope it lasts. I am grateful beyond belief.
    — What a day! I lay down on the bed thinking my children were asleep and went into a quiet calm Aless orgasm within minutes, I felt relaxed, very soon after I felt it grow and felt the old familiar feeling of a full body orgasm starting. What a beautiful feeling as it spread up into my chest and all over my body, total bliss. It was a quiet affair not much movement just the wonderful feelings I remember from weeks ago, definitely something beyond the normal orgasm.
    The one of my children got up, and the other. I had to stop the orgasm and go and see to them. Bit of a shame, but I know it's back now.
    Possibly the best day of my life…..

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