• The Energy is swirling

    I unlocked something last week. I dont know what it was but now all of a sudden my super-Os are really really intense. I’ve had orgasmic energy run up through my body and get trapped in my head. I could literally feel it in my brain. Its surreal. Ive had energy go to the tip of my penis and it feels like a gallon of cum is about to drop out of my cockhead. I’ve actually had both of my hamstrings cramp up from the strength of the muscle contractions.

    …this morning I decided to put an hour in with my new best buddy the Helix Syn Trident. This is by far the most comfortable aneros model. And it moves like a Eupho. I love this thing. As usual it gave me really intense super-Os but now I am at work and the Aless is completely out of control. Its to the point where I feel I need to go to the bathroom and rub one out because I wont be able to focus on my work like this.

    I can barely drink the coffee I made for myself. The prostate is so powerful.

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