• The Drive to Work

    Well this morning was interesting. I finished my crossfit wod…got in My SUV and did prepped myself for the 25 minute commute.

    As normal this is the point where I do my 300 a day kegels. Today was about to be different. So I am heading south on the turnpike and I am about 220 kegels in. I hit some traffic and thats when things went into overdrive. My prostate began the familiar tingling and before I could even get to stop the involuntaries took over and right there I was getting that orgasmic feeling. Cock was hard and just as I was taking a deep breath a cascade of orgasms hit my body. The more I fought it the the MMO bathed me in its warmth.

    I moaned loudly in my SUV. I got super scared because I know this normally leads to a super O and I know I cant drive under that kind of state. At this point I was whimpering…almost begging for it to stop.

    And with one last shiver up my spine my prostate relinquished its hold on me. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it.

    What a way to start the day.


    • Avatar for Turnrow


      11/28/2018at12:45 pm

      Fantastic and wonderful experience, bro What did you do with all that Precum in your shorts???

      Thanks for posting.

    • Avatar for Darkbond


      12/10/2018at8:28 pm

      Thankfully I dont precum much. If at all. If some does get out my underwear handles it fine. I couldnt imagine precumming and doing this

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