• The Challenges of Being a Hypersexual Man

    Sometimes I pinch myself to check that my life is real. I feel so lucky that I have this ability to experience extreme seemingly relentless pleasure that I do. Yet other times I wonder why I do this to myself, suffering the agonizing yet ecstatic ache of intense arousal all the time. Yesterday I had a very very sexy chat with a female friend on line. It was the kind of detailed intimate discussion of female anatomy and sexual response that I have never had with any woman. It made me realize that this journey of 20 years of sexual discovery and 10 years with Aneros has transformed me. I now have intimate friends in addition to the ability to have ultra orgasms. My sexual life is a defining part of my personality and who I am; it is a complex and wonderful puzzle.
    At five o’clock this morning I awoke with my entire pelvis and anal tract tingling for an MMO session as it often is at that hour. The extreme nature of the desire was probably a result of the fact that I have been so busy for the last few days and really haven’t had the time or energy to do a decent session. The session this morning then understandable intense and very powerful; for 90 minutes my anal tract, cock and prostate where pumping in an erotic symphony causing my cock to drool puddles of pre cum and prostatic fluid. I was so turned on after it was done that I was inspired to come downstairs to work on my erotic writing. I keep adding new elements to my book that are fantasies that settle on me as I am MMOing.
    So here I sit five hours later with a significant new chunk of inspired erotic narrative in the book and a rock hard cock. Morning is my best time to write; I always write erotic narrative better when I am highly aroused. All of the events between last night and this morning set me up to weave a sexy, sensual and intimate detail in my story. It’s just a good thing I didn’t commit to writing murder mysteries otherwise I would be writing this from jail. LOL
    The thing is that as you may have read in many entries preceding this one is that Aneros and prostate / anal orgasm has made me hypersexual and anally sexual. Living this way has transformed every woman into an object of cock hardening desire and every image of another guys cock an inspiration for reciprocal erection. Inwardly I am undressing almost every woman I meet in my mind and lasciviously sucking cocks that make mine ache as I view them and think about them. Imaginings of soulful kisses and vulgar intimacies with both sexes weave in and out of my thoughts in normal conversation and daily activity. At times I feel like a bit of a sex fiend but my manners and a sense of love and respect for women and my need to appear normally heterosexual keeps me in check. But I must tell you that vulgar desire is a powerful adversary.
    Being in this almost continual state of arousal adds an element of excitement and a certain piquant character to my day. My anus and cock are overly sensitive all day long and my sensual antennae are always up. This elevated arousal makes me prone to getting erections frequently and it makes me ooze precum at the drop of a hat.
    On a day like today as I sit here at the computer the hunger to record the erotic weavings of my mind is ever present and seems impossible to satiate. J will be available tonight …her commission work for the week is done. Without a doubt tonight will be a night for intimate love.
    However after I have dined on the rich honey of her vagina and her pussy has drained the cum from my balls, I will be primed for another session tomorrow morning. The combination of the frame of mind I am in right now and a ejaculation that will effectively drained me dry will set me up for the “Perfect Storm” for another MMO session tomorrow morning. And the cycle starts all over again. It is so bizarre to me that I am equally primed for MMO either immediately after a ball draining ejaculation or after days of abstinence with equal desperation.
    My libido is a task master, the older I get the more it demands to be fed. Thank god for this blog, sexy chats, Aneros Forum, the novel and the special on line sexual sharing I do with special friends …… having a place to share my thoughts, experiences and fantasies is a relief and very satisfying; but it also hones my horniness to a razor thin edge.

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