• The BIKE banana cup : riding it or it riding me?

    Hi guys,

    During this long weekend, the CDC and our apartment management told us to exercise strict social distancing in order to “flatten the curve.” It is my intention to ride this long crisis out by keeping myself healthy, the wash my hands with soap and water, and to avoid human contact as much as possible.

    I could have an Aneros session Sunday but my mind was other places, distracted by the crisis.

    I retired to bed early in the 8 o’clock hour Sunday night and got up just after midnight to make a pit stop in the bathroom. That is when horniness hit me. In recent years, since my Aneros breakthroughs in mid September 2016, nights have become magical times for me. Most nights, I enjoy diddling my nipples although I do not that the whole night. Just brief moments of nipple diddling are sufficient for me to set off my prostate, perineum, and cockroot which is the seat of sexual sweetness for me.

    Often I wear my BIKE CUP supporter no. 85 to bed many nights. The BIKE CUP is a banana cup, popular among athletes for a few years in the mid to late 1980’s. It gave athletes complete coverage of their genitals from the base of the scrotum, along the length of the whole cock to several inches beyond the Glans. When I think of the word BIKE, it is a bicycle which you ride. BIKE jockstraps were originally Bike Jockey Straps that were manufactured for bicyclists to wear over the cobbled streets of Boston, MA for protection and support of their genitals. Hence, when you wore a jockstrap for sports, it was a garment to support your cock and balls and prevent fatigue. I am eternally for Coach Knox telling us boys to get a jockstrap for 7th grade gym class and telling us that it was a mandatory part of our gym uniform. Not only wearing a jockstrap felt real good, but I wore it with pride. It felt so male. Coach Knox was in his early sixties, but appeared a great deal younger. He was athletic coach who must have worked out and wore a jock during his workout sessions. So it was other coaches I knew in those years at our junior and senior high school. Those years were the beginning of my intense jock and cup fetish.

    I love the wear the BIKE banana cup. It marked a breakthrough in athletic cups when it came out in 1985. Protective cups have been around for more than a century. They were essentially the flat cup variety which fit improperly, thus uncomfortable to wear. Most athletes hated to wear them. So they opted to go unprotected during contact sports. The BIKE banana cup was developed to provide complete coverage to a guy’s “man area” and boosted comfort in wearing. Like getting my first jockstrap, purchasing my first BIKE CUP in April 1986 and wearing it for the first time was an intensely sexual experience.

    In a few minutes, I return to bed. It seems that while I am “riding” my BIKE CUP right now, but yet it is riding me! This uncanny feeling of sweetness, I intend to savor in bed until sunrise! Take care!

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