• The best night ever so far

    Ok, so I think I'm falling in love with my Helix. After the night before last I think this is one of the best things i've purchased in a long time. I was on a day off from work and woke up a little horny. I had a quick session with the Helix, plenty of p-waves and a mini O but i felt compelled to go play with my other big toys at the time so ended the session there. I wasn't expecting to do anything that night as I was still recovering from my earlier toy play and had had a few too many drinks but I was horny still so thought wtf, lets have a go. Previous experiences combined with alcohol and the Helix lead me to believe I wouldn't have a great time as I wouldn't be able to concentrate properly. So I lubed up, with my ass still probably containing a bit of J-Lube from earlier in the day and inserted the Helix. Beginning some gentle contractions so lead to what I can only describe as the most orgasmic experience I've ever had since discovering that I was able to have orgasms as a kid. I seemingly keep having to reclassify the intensity levels that I'm experiencing as I go further and further along the path with this toy. Lubed up the Helix was dancing around as I layed on my side with knees bent and then the contractions…a mish mash of pulling this way, pulling that way, muscles in my groin and abdomen were pulling in all directions and the p waves were dancing around. And then an O…so so powerful. I'd never experienced one this strong before. The intensity just kept building and building higher and higher to the point where i wanted to cry. I felt as though I was going to burst. I wanted it to stop but I wanted it to continue at the same time. This intense pleasure was like an orgasm but multiplied what must have been like 10x maybe 20x more powerful than a traditional O. After a few mins i came down of this O and was lying there panting heavily trying not to cry out as my housemate was sleeping next door. Just as i thought i was getting back down to base level, a jolt of pleasure so so strong went through me and suddenly i was back at this super intense level. If this was not a super O then I really don't konw what is haha. I was ready to burst again as the intensity kept building and building. I was having the ride of my life and I didn't want to get off. I don't know how long it lasted or how many of these O's i had but after a while I decided to try the progasm again. I slipped it in and contractions started but it was a much more diluted sensation. I reached an O again but it was nowhere near as powerful as what i'd experienced with the Helix. After this I put the Helix back in but I think my night had come to an end. It was heading well into the early hours of the morning and called it a night. I don't know why it had been so powerful that night..maybe my ass was still tired out from earlier in the day and not being sober certainly counter-acts what's been said and what i've experienced before.

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