• The Beginning

    Let's start with the bio.
    I'm a 29 year old male. When I was younger, I purchased a Fleshlight. The site I bought it from was also selling the Aneros. At the time, I thought it wasn't for me.
    Over time, the Fleshlight helped me learn enough tantric control to get a full-body orgasm from my girlfriend's handjobs. Seeing as how that's amazing, but requires her to be around, I figured it's time to get something I can do solo.
    I've actually known of the male g-spot since I was a young teenager but I've finally grown tired of my own preconceptions about the anus )and grown tired of finding a woman willing to try anal play( and also noticed that Aneros came out with the Progasm Jr. It seemed like serendipity and thus I've started my journey.
    To start: I've never placed anything far into my anus.
    It turns out my anus is essentially covered in hemorrhoids (I believe 4 total) but thankfully they are all external. It's rather awful and has been the source of me taking this long to experiment in the first place.
    So here I am with my Progasm Jr which I ordered because I wanted to start small and I'd like as little resistance as possible as well as little pressure on the hemorrhoids as possible. I lube it up, get into the recommended position )lower leg straight, upper leg to chest( and proceed to take 15 minutes finding my asshole. Seriously, it's hard to find under the hems. 10-20 minutes getting the head of the Progasm in, then another 5-15 minutes getting the rest in.
    It wasn't until later that I discovered I should have been erect for the insertion. Oh well! Next times I will be.
    I seriously wasn't sure if the insertion was going to be possible. It wasn't until I took a deep breath that enough sphincter loosening worked to push further. As it was slowly going in, I felt the urge to pee but tried to dismiss it as the wiki instructed.
    The entire process of entry was fraught with mild pain. Just slight stings of pressure in all places. However, breathing and staying calm helped relieve it for the most part. Eventually I had the entire device inside as far as it could go and felt zero discomfort. This alone felt like a giant leap for me. I later discovered this pain is because I need to put just a bit more lube onto the tip of the progasm.
    The perineum stimulation didn't feel like anything. I couldn't even tell if my prostate was being touched other than the previous "have to pee" sensation I had. I slowly breathed the entire time and moved my sphincter muscles slowly just trying to feel sensations at all. Unfortunately, I felt no pleasure for the entire session except for about halfway through when I decided to get myself hard to see if it felt any different. It did not. I did, however, leak plenty through the session and after the session.
    In any case, after 20 minutes of rocking the device inside my anus using just my muscles, I became bored and unaroused. I read some more of the wiki and decided that I had at least reached through a few important milestones for my first time and was satisfied with removing the device. The sensation of having to poop filled me rather quickly but thankfully went away as I removed the device completely. After a quick cleanup and sitting at my computer for a few hours, I still feel a slight need to poop but nothing has come of it. I was already empty from the day.
    All in all, I am a bit disappointed that my first time did not have any pleasurable moments. However, I understand that it may take a few tries before I do get one. At the very least, I will try for a Super-T next session. I am also very glad to discover that not only can I properly insert the device, but that the "have to pee" sensation confirms that it is actually touching my prostate. I was slightly worried that the Jr may end up being too small. I am also glad to discover that my numerous hemorrhoids will not impede this journey, which they have for so many years.
    I do hope that, one day, through extended use of the Progasm Jr, I will be rid of those hemorrhoids. Knowing that others have had theirs eliminated through Aneros use is as huge a benefit as a Super-O. I'm crossing my fingers. More entries to come.

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