• The beginning

    Well where to start!
    I have always had a very sensual body to touch. Found the anus area a real erogenous zone, always having loads of pre cum when horny, never really thought about prostrate massage though. Love the Mrs stroking between balls and ass always gives me a massive erection;copious amounts of pre cum.
    Starting reading up on the subject and began 2 weeks ago to start seeing the effects of breathing and clenching, researching positions. This lead to what I now know as mini "O's"which felt great, but was hard work to maintain.
    I do yoga so have a good relationship with body and mind, which helped focus these initial sessions. Tried using butt plug and even misses glass dildo, but did not reach the spot
    Decided to go for the Vice as interested in the vibrator, thought it would help, not imitated by the size.
    Day 1
    I use coconut oil, oh my god as soon as inserted could feel a pulse on the tip, which gave rise to the realisation as to the exact location of the P.
    Multiple mini "O's", but again not the elusive orgasm.Playing with different vibes, but prefer the feel when not on as can focus more on sensation.
    Session 2
    getting better, tried use without the vibrator inserted but feels better inserted not on ,still multiple O's, pleased with progress :-(
    Session 3
    A free night to my self!!
    By the way so far its solo play and Misses thinks it weird , especially when she realised Im actually sticking a "Dildo" in my ass, by my self LOL
    So to begin inserted, lots of coconut oil. watching TV, begin quivering again lots of mini O's, becoming more intense; sweating.
    Each time found it hard to focus on breathing as nearly hyper ventilating, as previous sessions.
    Left in in went to sleep, oh re applied more oil first, woke up more O's laying on back or side. Now to be fair its quite large for my to keep in all night so gave myself a break.
    Carried on with mini o's through breathing.
    But as many say its addictive ! Hour to go before work, in it goes again.
    Almost immediately more mini O's, then with more focussed breathing intensity increased. I find slow breathing out pushing anus out from within and tensioning anal passage higher up same time works for me.
    My head as normal begins to shake violently, anyone looking would think I was having a fit. I then stop the head shaking and the shuddering transfers to lover body, each mini O is like this.
    I always just allow and encourage the trembling, the intensity continued and continued eyes rolling and OMG that was it the Big O totally orgasmic, never have an erection during sessions. That was it moaning uncontrollably the intensity of the O was amazing,spasming uncontrollably all over, felt full of energy after.
    Went to bathroom to remove Vice it was soaked in watery fluid and ass leaked water fluid all down leg. no smell to it totally clear, think I had an anal orgasm too, be keen to hear others views on this phenomena.
    Layed in bed decided to see how it felt with no vice. Have to say now how good f, it felt all day like the Vice was in there throbbing away, secretly smiling to myself all day long from the pleasure it gave.
    Back to the morning, started my breathing technique and oh my god managed to have another mighty O with no Vice, yippee :-(
    Since then have been trying lying on back same breathing, shuddering begins uncontrollable moaning cock bouncing around like a crazy copter wing, banging into my tummy pre cum spraying semi hard and Big Big O's as a result, although seem to cum and think it may be from the penile stimulation bouncing around.
    Its worked for me in a very short space of time, think due in part to my body focus and just going with the flow so to speak
    onward and upward :-(

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