• The Before Times till The Now: The Sleeper Has Awakened

    Just realized I had gotten my membership to the forums the other day and I figured it was time to start this blog detailing my journey up till now.
    Must have missed the verification message when it came months ago, but no matter, I've been doing fine on my own.
    However, on the 4th of July, after the fireworks, I had some interesting things happen that I believe have really redefined what this amazing little device is capable of, to me.
    Therefore, this time is as good as ever to start this, not only to keep a record for myself, but to help others who may need some insight. Let's start with a little history…
    Way back in March 2012, I broke down and bought an MGX model Aneros and a six-pack of Marksman lube. This was only the second time I'd bought a sex-toy )although it is obviously more than that( the first being a Fleshlight.
    I had been fascinated by anal play for a while, although most of my attempts hadn't gone over very well… Fingers didn't reach far enough without holding an uncomfortable position and even then all I could feel was pressure against the back of my dick, nothing pleasurable really.
    I first learned of the Aneros, oddly enough, though reading Japanese Hentai. After finding out that it was a real thing I found the wiki and this forum, as well as a few videos.
    After a few days of reading up on it, I made the decision to buy one. Next paycheck, I made the purchase. This was before the Syn models came out and just after the Vice, but after some research I settled on the MGX: classic, average, good for beginners.
    A few days later, it arrived. I retrieved the package from outside the door and went straight to my room, thankfully my roommates were all away at the time :(
    I took it out of the box and held the small, white, plastic wonder in my hands for a bit. I had spent a long time going over images and comparisons but somehow it was still different to be holding it in my own hands. I turned it over, this way and that, examining the curves and ridges, the weight, the texture.
    My heart started pounding in my chest, I fingered the box of lube that came with it and wanted nothing more than to get right to it, then and there. However, I had work in an hour and wouldn't be free for another 2 days.
    I sighed, put the enticing little thing back in it's red box and hid both it and the lube along with the rest of my… effects.
    Two days later, the house was empty, I was slated to be alone for hours and hours, and I couldn't hold back any longer. Even so, I took my time, because they say your first time is always special ^^
    I flushed my bowels out and took a long shower )no bathtub, unfortunately( after which I lay down in bed with my laptop beside me and the little red box beside that. I read a few doujinshi while my skin dried, then grabbed one of the vials of lube and began to loosen myself up.
    After applying the entire vial to both my anus and the Aneros itself, I slowly inserted it, surprised at the girth at the widest point, until it passed that hump and it was practically sucked inside me to the base.
    There was a small bit of discomfort as I lay on my back, mostly because I had underestimated the strength of my own sphincter, but after a few minutes it was almost like a pressure that pulled my perineum towards some undefined point inside. The device warmed up to my body's temperature and I could almost forget something was there, except for the plastic knife-edge pressing into my perineum.
    I began to relax to the best of my ability. I had some experience with meditation so I applied some of that while I continued to peruse my erotica. I applied some contractions and played with the device a bit, feeling how it moved. This continued for about 40 minutes before anything really happened.
    Then I began to twitch, to tense, my body began to respond to something pressing against my insides. I moved with it, getting into the feelings that seemed to grow with each passing moment. The Aneros moved in and out and my body shook along with it, I couldn't tell what was under my control and what wasn't.
    What followed I have never forgotten. My whole body shook, my back arched, my dick strained and oozed pre all over my belly. A surge of pleasure that felt like what happened when I normally was about to come manifested itself and grew to a point beyond what I normally felt. It grew and grew till my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I saw sparks of color erupt there. Soon my body locked itself into a arched pose and I couldn't move, my breath froze in my chest. After 30 seconds of that, the feelings eased off for a bit, only to return soon after.
    I lost track of time, I didn't even look at my laptop screen anymore, it was irrelevant. After a good 70 minutes of this, my body succumbed to the largest, strongest contraction of every muscle I had and I blew my load all over the front of my body. It was the best orgasm I had ever had, all hands-free.
    After, I lay exhausted over my sheets, gulping for air. My expectations were blown away right then, no lie, never had I believed so much could come from that, or that I would ever experience a hands-free ejaculation like that. I was instantly hooked.
    After that first time, I used up the entire box of Marksman in two weeks. I had some varying results, out of the six times, two of them ended in hands-free ejaculations, ending the session )albeit in a very satisfying way(, while the rest either didn't progress that far or would get me to a plateau where most of the effects happened but I didn't get over the edge.
    Afterwards, I began to experiment a bit. I was more than satisfied with my results, nothing else had ever felt so good )including actual intercourse(, but I was still skeptical.
    According to all the sources I found, the elusive Super-O seemed to be something else than what I was experiencing. The involuntary contractions and surges of pleasure felt exquisite, but they all seemed to stem mostly from my penis more than anything else. The anal contractions seemed to cause me to enter a state on contant "edging", I was always just on the brink of ejaculation, sometimes to the point where I just couldn't take it anymore and had to finish with a powerful orgasm that caused my semen to fly at least twice as far as normal.
    This was still all well and good, but the sensations I read about seemed to talk of something more, a different kind of orgasm without ejaculation as an inescapable end result. I continued to experiment and practice.
    Time went by and I tried many things. I worked on stimulating my body in different ways and found my nipples to be almost direct lines to pleasure after playing with them for a few weeks. I tended to allow my MGX to do what it wanted, my body responding as it willed. I settled on laying on my back as the best position as anything else either caused too much accidental penile stimulation or fatigue in my legs/back.
    I had some sessions where nothing much happened at all, which I lent to myself just not being in the correct mood or having enough libido. I went for varying periods of abstinence, ranging from a few days to two weeks at a time, which was hard for me, having masturbated almost daily prior to my purchase to relieve stress in some form or another.
    My had begun to "rewire" itself just days after my first session. I'd get phantom echoes of contractions in my anus and occasionally what felt like the back of my penis )the internal part( throbbing when I sat down. I have always been fairly aware of what my body is doing and am a firm believer in exercising the connections between body and mind. Not so much full-on Eastern Meditation, Yoga or Tantric, but more something that I developed for myself through years of curiosity of my own mind and it's potential. The application of the Aneros into this gave me a lot more to experiment with and I welcomed it with open arms.
    More recently, I've realized that I've been subconsciously adding to my body's own involuntary contractions, giving them more force than what they needed. This caused me to tire out more easily and made the pleasure come from muscle fatigue more than prostate stimulation. This was further brought to light by my discovered ability to orgasm hands-free )with ejaculate( without the Aneros simply by tensing and playing with my nipples. I began to force myself to calm down my leg and hip muscles and dial back on the strength of my anal contractions.
    This turned out to be a bit harder than it seemed. In the heart of the moment, it was hard to determine what was my body's doing and what was being added subconsciously. Even the "do nothing" approach was hindered by my minds eagerness to ramp up the speed and force of my contractions, similar to what happened way back in "Session Alpha".
    There was one point, way back in the early days, where after relaxing for a bit with the device inserted I focused my whole attention on what my anus was doing to the device without any help. I felt as it relaxed, let the device push out a bit, then slowly squeeze and pulled it back in. At the time it felt good, but I got interrupted by my roommate getting home. Even though I'm not vocal during arousal by any means )not even moaning, pretty much silent( their presence conscious a room away was a distraction, causing the session to end.
    I never really got back to that feeling, the sensations were always too strong to allow that level of relaxation and focus. But it proved to be key to my new level of understanding the elusive and legendary, "Super-O"
    Last night, after the fireworks, I was floating on a high borne from excitement and nostalgia. Even though I had just had a session the previous night, I felt like another, although past experience had shown that such things didn't lead very far into the awesome range.
    So, I made little in the realm of prep-work: went to the bathroom, grabbed a glass of water for re-hydration, lubed up and inserted, opened up my current favorite porn folder and relaxed.
    First 30 minutes were typical as of late, initial settling, involuntary anal contractions, nothing too special. However, while paging through the pictures in my folder, I tried to get back to that state of mind and body that I experienced so long ago. I forced my body to relax and my mind to take no action on any of my muscles, just kept the images flipping past on the screen in the back of my mind while focusing the majority of my attention on the device.
    My MGX began to move, not the powerful ins and outs caused by my contracting anus, but more of a pivot, a wave. It was very, very subtle, but I could feel it lightly moving against my prostate, almost like being on the ocean and bobbing up and down along with the water.
    Along with that tiny, miniscule movement, I could feel a growing tension, not one of muscles but far more internal, eventually manifesting itself into an ebb of pleasure that took me so aback with its gentle intensity that I squeezed instinctively, causing the small contractions to stop.
    Finally everything clicked into place in my head. I finally understood what everyone had been talking about. There have been so many experiences put on here and other places on the web about other people's experience with the Aneros in it's various forms that it's gotten very confusing, to say the least. Compounding the problem was all the claims of "everyone experiences it differently" or "do what feels good". I like a certain benchmark in a lot of things and statements like these )admittedly through fault of my own mindset( seemed to lead me off the path a bit.
    But now, it's like having a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle spontaneously assemble itself right before my mind's eye. All of the experiences are valid, all a piece of the puzzle.
    The problem stems from the inability to adequately explain just what happens during this unique phenomenon. Everyone's powers of description vary greatly and are tied to their own perception and experience, neither of which are very easy to explain or provide to anyone but themselves.
    In this case, the feelings this wonderful little device generates in the, in my current opinion, "proper" usage, are so amorphous and different from a man's normal idea of sexual pleasure that not only are they very hard to describe, but even harder to explain. The best you can hope for is to just go for it and learn for yourself. The veterans on this forum all say this, although it can seem callous to some, but it's really all they can do to help it seems, simply because of the nature of what's happening.
    If they were to say "do this" or "you should be feeling this, exactly", the message would be warped by the receiver's own perception, subconsciously or otherwise. Hell, for me, even trying to take everything with a grain of salt and using it as more of a guideline or suggestion ended up hindering my progress. I completely understand this "personal" journey now, I have a whole new perspective on the whole experience and I am very eager to put it into practice after a few days of reflection and rest.
    Wow, didja see that wall of text waaaaay up there? Like a friggin' novel up in here 😛
    Anyways, time to conclude this first entry. It may be over a year overdue, but the time has given me a lot of experience, I think. Now that I've reached a new echelon of sensation to explore, I'll have a lot to discuss and share with all of you, newcomers and veterans alike.
    The Human Mind is the most miraculous and amazing thing to ever be created to our knowledge thus far. It's the most important part of your body, because it's the only thing that's truly yours and yours alone. It is composed of everything you've ever seen, heard, learned, done, wished, and dreamed. It's a compilation of your upbringing, your education, your ethics, and your genetics. It has the same things inside that everyone around your has, but it's all compiled, organized, and utilized in a manner that is utterly unique to you and you alone. There is no greater disservice that you could do to yourself than allow someone else to use theirs to do what yours could do for itself.
    Make this journey your own and make sure that you use your mind along the way. Observe, reflect, accept, modify, adapt, explore, and of course, enjoy 😀

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      07/08/2013at5:16 pm

      An outstanding posting! Your writings fortify me in the continuing search for the Super O, even tho the pleasures I've experienced along the way already make the journey a hot and lustful trip. I'll look forward to reading more from you.

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