• The Awakened Prostate : A Celebration of National Masturbation Month

    )I composed this blog entry a few days ago for BateWorld, a social website for guys into masturbation. It was at BateWorld that I met a few guys in September or October 2011 who use the Aneros and encouraged me to get my first Aneros models(
    I am a red-blooded American male with a normal sex drive. Like most guys when I entered puberty at age 11, I began noticing subtle changes in my body. First, I noticed a spurt growth in my body. My genitals began to get large and I saw the sprouting of my first pubic hairs. While all this happened, my voice began to get lower and deeper and soon afterwards I had to learn to shave. But most of all, I began to get those irrepressible erections.
    All this began happening more than fifty years ago in the early 1960's. In September 1963, I entered 7th grade. PE )Physical Education( was a core subject in those years. We had PE three times a week. I grew up in a small town in Northwestern Connection. In those years, both Junior High and Senior High occupied one campus. Our school gymnasium had modern, innovative architecture in those years. My deep consciousness gave me the impression that our gymnasium had the quality of religious shrine. In fact, it was a shrine to athletics. Our school system had one of the best programs in both academics and athletics in the State of Connecticut during my impressionable years.
    However, what did it for me as a "little" tyke at age 11 was seeing my dad's jockstrap for the best time. His jock pouch was in fact HUGE, supporting his man-sized equipment. My dad wore a Johnson & Johnson Blue Ribbon men's large athletic supporter. I was a little baffled about this garment that my dad wore. But after some fumbling, I figured out that his over-sized jock pouch would contain my diminutive, yet burgeoning pubescent genitals. I was beginning to get turned on by my dad's supporter. I knew then it was quintessentially male. This discovery happened a year or so before I entered 7th grade.
    At our initial PE class session, Coach Knox, an athletic in-shape man in his early sixties, told us that we had to get a gym uniform. The school would sell us T-shirts and athletic shorts. But we had to purchase sneakers and an athletic supporter. So after school, I went to our town drugstore and through the help of a capable druggist purchased a Johnson & Johnson Coach athletic supporter in boys size. On the box of this jockstrap was pictured an athletic guy in nothing but a jockstrap. I immediately popped a lubing boner in my chinos. I "knew" that something immense was going to happen to me. In fact, I was getting more and more sexually aroused, something that never really happened to me ever before.
    I rushed home, went immediately to my bedroom, stripped naked, and tried on my jockstrap for the very first time. The athletic supporter demonstrated for me its essential purpose, namely to "support" my genitals. I had to wear my erect penis in the twelve o'clock position. My taut scrotum was "supported" by my jock mesh-pouch as well as my erect cockshaft. But what really did it for me was how the poro-knit mesh jock pouch "caressed" my flared glans oozing out a steady stream of precum. Oh, it felt so good, the delicious sexual sensations arising in my "alive" glans, traveling down my penile shaft and ending up in my testicles.
    In those years, I was a spasmatic when it came to sports, but I certainly enjoyed my jockstrap. In succeeding years at LHS, I bought several more jockstraps. I even bought jocks with athletic cups. Such equipment made me feel so "male." As regards athletic cups, I am fond of athletic cups manufactured by BIKE, All-Star, and especially the Battle Sports Nutty Buddy!
    Anyway slipping on my first jockstrap was my initiation into manhood. In succeeding weeks and months, I replicated those delicious sensations in my penis, especially my glans, through touch. The touches became erotic as I began touching my glans through deft touches, but even more as I kneaded my glans. Such touches easily "lit my fire." Soon, I instinctively settled upon the masturbatory grip, which led me to very first orgasm and ejaculation of semen by "surprise" a good six months later in April 1964.
    Most guys from their early years when they masturbate focus upon their genitals. They take great delight in seeing their penis in proud erection. Most guys are spurred on erotic pride when they exult in their flared glans. Many guys have an angry purplish flared glans oozing precum when they are sexually hot. I know. When I am sexually hot and my flared glans is oozing precum, there is such erotic sweetness centered in my glans. This erotic sweetness travels as an electric current down my cockshaft and ends up at the "root" of my penis, even in my testicles. What is this root at the base of a guy's penis? Some urologists think it may be the "bulb" of the penis, but many others think it is the prostate.
    Some years ago as I was reflecting upon my circumcised penis and what it could do for me, I postulated my theory of the Male Axis of Sexual Pleasure. Well, the Male Axis is, of course, a guy's penis, his cockshaft. But this axis has two poles. One pole has a guy's glans, his cockhead. The other pole is his prostate. Erotic pleasure then arises in his glans, travels down his cockshaft, and ends up in his prostate which then travels back to the glans. When a guy masturbates his cock or has sex with his partner, this circular motion of erotic pleasure is similar to an electric current. This erotic pleasure just gets better and better until he has a climax of sexual pleasure which most times is an orgasm and an ejaculation.
    The penis with its glans or cock knob is visible for all to behold, especially when a guy is turned on, not only to himself but also for his partner. The prostate is hidden and little noticed. But a guy notices his prostate for sure when it pulsates in orgasm. In many ways, it is the seat of a guy's manhood because it serves a dual purpose: )1( It is a Grand Central Station for urination in a guy, and )2( the prostate gland contributes much to the seminal fluid and alkalines to neutralize traces of urine so as to not injure spermatozoa from his "boys", his testicles as they shoot from his "cannon" or "gun" through orgasm and ejaculation.
    Many guys however do enjoy stimulating their prostate digitally through anal play or eroticism. But prostate massagers such as the Aneros do such stimulation safely.
    However, as a guy ages his prostate enlarges. His prostate may become cancerous. The conditions of BPH, prostatitis, and prostate cancer have been of concern to men and their physicians in recent years, so much so that since the late 1980's, September has been designated as National Prostate Health Month.
    But May in recent years has been designed at National Masturbation Month. Some years ago, several Australian discovered that frequent masturbation promotes good prostate health. Both frequent masturbation and sexual intercourse do exercise the prostate. Frequent ejaculation, these researchers say, does evacuate the build up of cancerous agents in the prostate.But prostate massagers such as the Aneros do the same thing. I am gratified that BateWorld does carry some models of the Aneros such as the Vice, Progasm, MGX, and Helix Syn. When you order these models such as the Progasm, you are linked to the Aneros website which is an amazing community for guys into promoting good prostate health. Finally, I am eternally grateful for meeting a some guys on BateWorld two years ago who use the Aneros and encouraged me to get my first models.
    On Monday June 3, 2013, I celebrate my first anniversary of the beginning of my Aneros journey when I used the Helix Syn for the first time. The Helix Syn has a silicone coating which makes this model ideal for beginners in Anerosing. Just three weeks later, my prostate begin to awaken with series of P-waves. Then several weeks later I began using the Maximus, a larger model. And finally last September and October, I began using both the Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice models. By then I was well on the way in my Aneros journey, although it took many weeks and months for me to become proficient with the Aneros. I have not yet experienced a Super-O, the summum bonum of Anerosing, during which you experience one or a series of Super-O's in which your body along with your genitals experience may a full-body orgasm or several. That is a worthy goal, but right now I focus on having just as much fun and pleasure in my Aneros sessions as possible. I am seldom disappointed :-(
    The awakened prostate! I can speak from Aneros sessions three-four times a week, each session lasting at least three hours. I come away from most of my sessions with a well-massaged, well-exercised prostate exuding sexual pleasure which permeates my manhood, my cock, balls, glans )cockhead(! My Kegels are so natural, so free after a session that I even ooze precum from the meatus )cumslit( of my glans!
    But there is nothing like having an alive, quivering prostate "down there" as you masturbate. Your eager prostate wants to get in on the action as you jack your meat to climax! When that happens, I feel like a randy adolescent who has discovered jacking off!
    Take care!

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